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any of various deciduous trees of the genus Halesia having white bell-shaped flowers

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When this species of cyclops appeared on the threshold of the chapel, motionless, squat, and almost as broad as he was tall; squared on the base, as a great man says; with his doublet half red, half violet, sown with silver bells, and, above all, in the perfection of his ugliness, the populace recognized him on the instant, and shouted with one voice,--
With silver bells, and cockle shells, And marigolds all in a row.
Already, while it was early, the benches were beginning to fill with people of quality, who kept constantly arriving in little carts or upon palfreys that curveted gaily to the merry tinkle of silver bells at bridle reins.
Barclay soon enjoyed plenty of big handicap triumphs headlined by the exploits of Cannabiere who landed the Lanark Silver Bell and Northumberland Plate in the late Fifties.
Contract notice: "performing the food supply for the needs of kindergarten" clover "- pomorie, kindergarten" joy "- kableshkovo kindergarten" veselushko "- pomorie, kindergarten" pansies "- aheloy kindergarten" silver bell "- stracin kindergarten" children~s world "- galabets kindergarten" peace "- dubnik, otsdg" slancho "-pomorie" on lots:
5A BELL A little silver bell that my wife can ring when she needs me to come and do something for her or the baby.
Readers would occasionally pause as a silver bell was rung to mark the exact times when each of the four planes hijacked by al Qaeda militants crashed at the three sites and when each of the World Trade Center's twin towers collapsed.
ONE of the oldest prizes in sport is up for grabs at Hamilton tonight when the track stages the Ladbrokes Lanark Silver Bell, writes Mark Storey.
Gogeo is the pick of Alan Swinbank's two runners in the Ladbrokes Lanark Silver Bell Handicap at Hamilton.
Quality, good provenance and top condition are what I'm looking for, also unusual--even quirky--items like the large silver bell that was really a cocktail shaker, or the teapot that was shaped like a resting camel.
Canada-based Geo Minerals Limited (Geo Minerals) (TSX VENTURE: GM) has approved the work programme for 2010 at the Silver Bell West property in southern Arizona.
1996) studied a population of desert bighorn sheep after the Silver Bell Mine had been closed for a decade.
Nothing/clicked in his life but coins dropped to the Muse's mart of Saccharine Art--pretty cardinals/on a feeder--tweeting to conscience--sowing seeds/ of hope sprouting silver bell honey bee/congratulatory oratory, Christmas reindeer tinkles/and tinsel, birthday wishful sugary sprinkles/and lovers' trinkets kissed by hearts and flowers.
Connections appear to have found a good opportunity for Back For The Craic to open his account in the Silver Bell Maiden Chase at Leicester.
The Victorian Silver Bell ran along the pier until it was closed for safety reasons in 1996.