silly season

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a time usually late summer characterized by exaggerated news stories about frivolous matters for want of real news

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And Prince Harry seems to be having a silly season all of his own.
How do we know it is the Silly Season? Easy, Parliament will soon be on holiday, but will we notice any difference?
Palillo formalized the start of silly season on Memorial Day weekend and wasn't above engaging in a bit of silliness himself, though he didn't get much of a chance, as he was the first in a series of one term mayors the city suffered under until Dyster was reelected in 2011, giving the city the opportunity to suffer under him for eight years rather than four.
After all, the generous parliamentary recess coincides with the silly season - traditionally a time when big cats are sighted in Powys, Simon Cowell is snapped on his yacht in high-waisted shorts and Lembit Opik gives his annual warning on the prospect of mankind being wiped out by an apocalyptic asteroid.
dac "With no football at the moment we're entering them silly season but we won't be entertaining any silly offers for our players.
THE silly season for managerial sackings is upon us - and there's been a worrying trend developing this week.
Oh, I get it - I've been hoodwinked by the kind of transfer speculation that the papers use to fill their pages during the silly season.
I SEE the silly season has started again, with Welsh language activists bleating for more money.
IT'S SILLY SEASON. From now till November it'll be nothing but horse races, gaffe-gates, and pundit jabberwocky.
AUGUST traditionally is the "silly season" when it comes to media reporting of political matters.
BORIS Johnson has dismissed talk of him becoming the next prime minister as he joked: "How could anybody elect a prat who gets stuck on a zip wire?" The London Mayor was repeatedly asked in an interview on ITV's Daybreak if he would like to be the next premier but he dismissed speculation as a "silly season" story.
The Silly Season, as it turned out, was a newspaper ritual universally observed: the armoured column was met at the German frontier by a Panzer Korps of reporters from Der Bild tabloid who bombarded the invaders with schnitzel, chips and beer.
THE silly season - beloved by tabloid newspapers, growers of unusually shaped vegetables and the owners of humungous pets - has died.
IT seems like silly season is upon us once again when madness and fantasy abounds to herald the forthcoming local elections.