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Synonyms for silly

Synonyms for silly

Synonyms for silly

a word used for misbehaving children

inspiring scornful pity

Related Words

dazed from or as if from repeated blows

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I will tell myself, 'Oops, that was silly of me' and move on.
Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said: "It is ridiculous for the Foreign Secretary to approach important and serious negotiations with that silly, arrogant language.
Told in playful rhyme by author Marc Ferrai and charmingly illustrated by Felipe Diaz Huarnez, "Don't Dilly Dally, Silly Sally" is an impressively entertaining picture book tribute to all the Silly Sallys of the world who march to the time of their own beat, and to the parents, grandparents and caregivers who love them.
Researchers from Trinity College, Dublin, discovered that the electrical resistance of G-putty - the name they gave to Silly Putty infused with graphene - was extremely sensitive to even minimal deformations and pressures, "hundreds of times more sensitive than normal sensors.
And the sooner the Giants stop giving territory and possession to the opposition in so many silly ways, at silly times and in silly situations, the better their chances will be of winning, Michael J Robinson Berry Brow
Follow @GORDONBARRCHRON Silly Simon, a character created by North East actor/writer and director Wayne Miller, goes off in search of lost treasure this summer at the Customs House.
8220;We are constantly thinking of new things to add to our games that will enhance the playing experience and make them more enjoyable,” says Silly Kid Games Lead Game Designer Daniel Lees.
The Knights of the Round Table - Galahad, Robin, Lancelot and Bedivere are brilliantly silly and funny and each has their own well deserved showpiece song.
I also learned that the husband had, on several occasions and on the advice of several well-meaning friends, resorted to spanking Silly if she was caught in the act of relieving herself in a location other than on the pad.
Silly Billies celebrates unusual acts and surrealism and things that might not go down so well in traditional clubs.
It is little more than a word/phrase per page with a silly drawing and an explanation but it's rather funny to have made-up vocabulary used so effectively.
At least it's not long now until the silly season is replaced by the actual season and the serious business of biting fellow professionals, kicking 17-year-old ballboys and booing your own club's manager.
SILLY Songs of Shakespeare is heading to Middlesbrough Town Hall Crypt on Tuesday, April 23.
Not More Seriously Silly Stories and Even Sillier Seriously Silly Stories Laurence Anholt (Arthur Robins.
Summary: Lancashire Police are investigating a silly string attack on an 11 year-old boy.