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Synonyms for silliness

Synonyms for silliness

a ludicrous folly

an impulsive scatterbrained manner

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The sparse set and few props are utilised to any available comic effect - for example, the complete silliness of actors in a play coming through a disembodied doorway, is highlighted and lovingly ridiculed throughout the play.
-- silliness. By the time Matheson's finished creating his cranky old man of the Old Testament, he has the supreme being characterizing himself as "a bully and a coward and a weakling."
Change from super cool to being clumsy, It seems my common sense slams on the brakes, Turning me into some teenage numpty, Now three years on I'm free from going red, My silliness has slowed down since the start, But even though it's controlled in my head, You're still making me fumble in my heart, I try so hard to tame my butter-flies, Keep their giddy wings held down inside, But every time I look in your green eyes, I can't even stop one from going wild, So if you think love does not live any more ...
Jeremy's unique brand of silliness has made him hugely popular with young readers.
She said that she loved her and therefore she was quite afraid to play the role in the first place, however, she just had to embrace her silliness. ( ANI )
CARDINAL BURNS (C4 10.30pm) IF YOU fancy thirty minutes of cleverly-crafted silliness step this way.
Young children would greatly enjoy the silliness of the tale and the constant repetition.
However, the series' trademark devil-may-care silliness goes awry thanks to a dour, sub-007 storyline, while the climax, involving a Russian cargo plane being brought down by harpoons, isn't as exciting as it sounds.
The Theatre Sports team that is famous for thriving on "inspired silliness" is back again to deliver more fun and laughter in 'Nam-Gang style at the Franco Namibia Cultural Centre gallery (FNCC) on Thursday 11 April.
The tone veers between lightweight gothic romance and camped-up silliness. Characters are thin, jokes fall flat, the dialogue is workaday and the central pair are unengaging.
We don't all need to be Anwar Abdulrahman to realise the silliness of this case but common sense always prevails.
Silliness abounds in this wacky and fun way to reinforce literacy in inquisitive young minds.
She has plenty to work with as The Gondoliers offers bags of tuneful songs and plenty of Venetian style silliness for the company and audience to have fun with.
Visitors can also expect to see minstrels playing medieval dances on period instruments, and a "fool" will entertain the crowds with "silliness, foolery and even a little fire!".
Let's Have A Kiki is unabashed silliness with a killer beat, as the chilled-out Year Of Living Dangerously and Secret Life Of Letters acknowledges life is not a constant disco.This honed record does everything you would expect from Ana Matronic, Jake Shears, Babydaddy, Del Marquis and Randy Real.