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having hair that resembles silk

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The silky-haired Maltese was the top dog in ancient Greece and Rome, while the Chinese (quite understandably) had a preference for the Pekingese, their yappie little skeletons having been discovered in 2,000-year-old tombs.
The formally silky-haired Frenchman was unable to command a regular first team place during his uneasy relationship with Villa manager John Gregory.
Their nostalgia-embracing parents will break out their Troll dolls from the 1960s - the original Troll doll will also see a relaunch as a collector's item - and the locks of thousands of silky-haired Trolls on playthings and key chains will be fondled anew.
What was John Sutton, whose father founded Catford, had been put in by Coral as 'their' MD of Hove Stadium when the company acquired it nearly 30 years ago, became deputy chairman of the British Greyhound Racing Board, until his retirement a good few years ago, doing presenting the trophy to the usual runaway winner of the joke event for silky-haired creatures?
1,1,1) 85 Joins on (7) 86 Improvise (4,2,2,3) 87 Scenic (11) 89 Colorado ski resort (5) 90 Hand out (10) 93 Silky-haired dog (3,6) 95 Beverage (3) 97 Captivates (8) 99 Hurry up
SILKY-HAIRED nightclub owner and die-hard Tory, Peter Stringfellow, has been back on to tell me he doesn't want Iain Duncan Smith to lead the party any longer.