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a print made using a stencil process in which an image or design is superimposed on a very fine mesh screen and printing ink is squeegeed onto the printing surface through the area of the screen that is not covered by the stencil

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print by silkscreen

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This September, Prak took over the silk-screen studio full time as part of the ministry's renewed focus on the work program.
Through new machinery purchases, CCL Tube has outfitted its Los Angeles and Wilkes-Barre plants with the latest silk-screen printing technology.
In the 1980s he discovered water-based acrylic inks - much easier and safer to use - and began making silk-screen prints, though in the blockier, more graphic look of the time.
The students then placed the tracings onto their paper and positioned them as they wanted their silk-screen portraits to appear.
Above, Zaira Medina, 16, works on her silk-screen T-shirt.
Specializing in manufacturing hot-stamp foils, product line includes rotogravure, flexographic and silk-screen printed heat transfers.
One piece, ``Dolly Pratt: Then,'' incorporates wool rug yarn, telephone wire and multicolor torn fabric strips from a silk-screen printing table in a woven pattern based on a 200-year-old coverlet.
In fact, the coloured panels are single-paned silk-screen fritted glass louvres that form a rainscreen over the whole visible part of the exterior, save the entrances, which are in ordinary glass.
silk-screen effects, had per print costs formerly at $0.
Programs include computer-assisted drafting, auto technology, cosmetology, desktop publishing, floristry, interior design, manicuring, retailing and silk-screen printing.
Howard, who was among the WSHL's top players last season, is a Junior-A caliber player, but he's decided to remain in the Santa Clarita Valley so he can work for his father's silk-screen supply and signage business.
While they may well be hollow, I imagine them as solid: Their materials are stuffs like wood, particle-board, and galvanized steel, and despite the oil paint and lithography and silk-screen inks that give them mimetic impeccability, they are taxonomically closest to sculpture.
Collected art including batik and mud cloth paintings, photo etching, silk-screen work and embroidery will be shown, along with photographs of the women's work and their working environments.
Principal product line is hot-stamp foils, specializing in rotogravure, flexographic and silk-screen printed heat transfers, woodgrains, specialty patterns, and pigments.
The pool echoed the water features designed by Le Corbusier to lie in front of his government buildings in Chandigarh, and Braun's versions of the patola, a type of cloth often designed specifically for export, eschewed the traditional Bengali technique involving resist-dyed threads in favor of a simpler and more available silk-screen process.