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a polymeric silicone compound

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SILRES WH, a novel silicone resin emulsion for wood protection coatings, possesses hydrophobic properties that reliably protect wood outdoors against wet and damp and the damage that these cause.
Silicone resin emulsions paints are crucial for durable and water-proof building facades, and paints and coatings modified with our polymer dispersions enable low-odour interior paints with fewer emissions," Cisinski highlighted.
Blends of pre-crosslinked silicone resin dispersed in a TPU matrix can be molded using a standard molding machine.
Silicone resins are also predicted to achieve healthy gains, led by renewed strength in the construction industry, where they are primarily employed in paint and coatings.
Addition curable silicone resins are known to be cross-linked semi-inorganic polymers with the Si-O-Si chains as backbones and some organic groups as side chains, which possess combined properties of both organic and inorganic materials, such as low dielectric constant and loss, good resistance to heat, solvents, weathering, and radiation (1-3).
Recent innovations range from amino silicone elastomer emulsions that provide differentiating hair styling and conditioning results to novel silicone resin technologies that inspire skin care products with longer-lasting, more beautiful wear.
This consists of a glass filler dispersed in a crosslinked transparent silicone resin produced by a non-hydrolytic reaction.
Dow Corning has introduced literature on a new silanol functional silicone resin.
0%, Fluka) were then mixed with the modified silicone resin as to further adjust the rheological properties.
RR280 WB is an advanced semi-permanent release based on silicone resin emulsion technology.
The study, Silicones, states that silicone resin demand is benefiting from a gain in market share in the masonry-coatings segment and from increased demand for high heat-resistant coatings.
Two new additions to Momentive's range of film formers leverage the company's leadership in silicone resin technology to enhance the SPF effectiveness of sunscreens while improving durability.
approximately 1 500 m2 thermal insulation composite system of mineral wool panels WLG 035 with d = 200 mm;approximately 1 500 m2 mineral reinforcement, possibly with Zusatzarmierung for HBZ to 20%;approximately 1 500 m2 Mineral Finish with HBZ to 20%;approximately 1 500 m2 silicone resin paint with HBZ to about 20%;200 m2 plinth insulation from XPS with WLG 035, d = 200 mm.
Seawax Marine Coatings has obtained a patent for a formulation of an antifouling coating for application to submerged substrates comprised of at least 30 percent by weight of water, relative to the total weight of the formulation, at least 10 percent by weight of dry extract, relative to the total weight of the formulation, of a water repellent which is a mixture of a silicone resin, a polyurethane resin and an acrylic-styrene copolymer resin, and at least 5 percent by weight of dry extract, relative to the total weight of the formulation, of an anti-adhesive active agent.