silicone polymer

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any of a large class of siloxanes that are unusually stable over a wide range of temperatures

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The difficulty in determining the filler content of these materials comes in distinguishing between glass fiber in the compound and glass that is actually created as the silicone polymer decomposes.
So she and colleagues charged up plastic and silicone polymers and then used a type of microscopy that can map molecules' locations.
Using a silicone polymer material called polydimethylsiloxane, or PDMS, the engineers molded microchannels--each about 100 [micro]m in width-into the top and bottom layers of a three-layered piece of silicone polymer material.
Different amounts of 2-propanol (0-20 wt%) were used to further control the final rheological behavior of the silicone polymer system allowing facile application.
The septum is tested by headspace gas chromatograpny, ensuring it has been properly cured, which measures residual levels of low molecular weight silicone polymer.
Silcolease PC-263 is a thermal solventless silicone polymer that provides a release coating with coefficient of friction values significantly lower than what is achieved with a traditional thermal solventless system and equivalent to what is achieved with a tin-solvent system.
The system meters and mixes the silicone polymer with the catalyst and release agents in a controlled and repeatable manner.
Insulator, horizontal post, 115kv silicone polymer (edpm material not accepted), with suspension drop tongue type conductor end fitting with two 1 inch holes, aluminum type gain base with one 15/16 inch hole and one 15/16 inch x 1-5/16 inch slotted hole on 14 inch spacing design for use on round poles.
After analyzing the swimming dynamics and layout of tissues in the common moon jelly Aurelia aurita (false-color composite of a juvenile shown), the scientists fashioned an umbrella-shaped frame with eight armlike structures out of an elastic silicone polymer, then seeded the frame with rat heart cells.
Similarly, with the unique chemistry of silicone polymer technology, Multi-Purpose Adhesive Sealant contains no hazardous ingredients, is environmentally friendly, green building compliant, and readily extrudes in extreme (hot or cold) weather conditions with uniform consistency in flow, ease of use and clean-up.
The forest of wires is then covered in the clear silicone polymer polydimethylsiloxane, reports the New Scientist.
01 to 1 wt% polyethylene-oxide-modified silicone polymer coupling agent, and an oxygen-radical-containing copolymer (an epoxy, phenoxy, or hydroxylated diamine-diepoxide copolymer) with less than 1 wt% water.
The septum is tested by headspace gas chromatography, ensuring it has been properly cured, which measures residual levels of low molecular weight silicone polymer.