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New Security Technology Exploits Uniqueness of Individual Silicon Chips for Authentication and Secret Key Generation
This is a small but important step on the path towards the long-term goal of many scientists and medical experts, which is to develop surgical implants by using silicon chips," the Scotsman quoted Professor Alan Murray, head of the University of Edinburgh's school of engineering and electronics, as saying.
It can also be a complicated proposition, for it requires its own silicon chips, its own hardware devices and its own software management programs.
This seminar provides an opportunity for IT professionals to gain a complete insight into, and better understanding of, the silicon chip industry.
The Bristol Centre for Quantum Photonics has demonstrated precise control of four photons using a microscopic metal electrode lithographically patterned onto a silicon chip.
To build its laser, the UCLA team applied microfabrication techniques to a silicon chip to create a wire 2 centimeters long and only micrometers across.
com/reports/c53801) has announced the addition of the Frost & Sullivan report: World Silicon Chip Fingerprint Markets 2007 to their offering
When the Technion team flowed the test-tube solution over a silicon chip, the DNA-nanotube structures stuck to the chip surface.
To make the mirrors, researchers at the University of California, San Diego etched each side of a silicon chip so that one side appeared green and the other red.
With this breakthrough, dozens or maybe hundreds of Hybrid Silicon Lasers could be integrated with other silicon photonic components onto a single silicon chip.
The ideas developed here have been implemented in a commercial deep-submicron CMOS process and demonstrated on a working silicon chip in a Bluetooth transmitter for short-range communications and will soon be announced for a commercial single-chip GSM phone.
One researcher implanted a silicon chip in his arm that interacts with electronic devices around him.
While still far from becoming a commercial product, we believe dozens, maybe even hundreds of hybrid silicon lasers could be integrated with other silicon photonic components onto a single silicon chip.
The research has been targeted at creation of a radically new silicon chip architecture that is exclusively dedicated to speech recognition and performs it vastly more efficiently than current state-of-art computers.
A DNA chip is a collection of DNA spots immobilized on a substrate, such as glass or a silicon chip, that can be used to genotype multiple regions of a genome by checking whether or not it binds with sample DNA.