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relating to or containing or resembling silica


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Aktifit PF 111 is a Calcined Neuburg Siliceous Earth with a surface modified with a special alkyl silane.
Prospecting in 2015 focussed on a highly siliceous gossanous andesite outcrop with azurite/malachite oxidation and possible tetrahedrite.
In the demosponge Suberites domuncula, AQPs were recently characterized as water channels in the dehydration and hardening of siliceous spicules produced from this animal (Muller et al.
There is substantial decline with mafic materials but generally negligible change with extremely siliceous materials (refer to Table 1 for broadly associated soil types).
We are committed to developing sustainable solutions to meet the needs of the mining industry," said Odair Lima, research chemist at AkzoNobel Surface Chemistry, who presented the paper, titled Development of anionic collectors for direct flotation of apatite from complex siliceous ores with a focus on sustainability.
Their topics include hybrid catalysts for olefin metathesis and related polymerizations, spillover phenomena in electrocatalysis for oxygen and hydrogen electrode reactions, catalytic applications of polyoxometalates encapsulated in inorganic materials, functionalized porous silicates as catalysts for water and air purification, and palladium catalysts deposited on functionally modified siliceous supports.
The sedimentary section ranging in thickness from 500 to 1000 m is composed of carbonates, chert, and siliceous limestone, overlying an irregular basement.
The Lockhart formation, Murree formation and Lacustrine quarternary deposits of the High Grade Darukhula Siliceous Maroon Yellowish Green study area have been evaluated during this study for the cement manufacturing.
The subsidiaries are Iskenderun based Isdemir, long steel manufacturer whose production is now extended with flat steel by new hot mill investments, Erdemir Maden with reserves in Sivas and Malatya-Hasancelebi, the siliceous steel plant Erdemir Romanya in Romania, Erenco, which offers investment and engineering service for iron and steel investors, Erdemir Lojistik providing logistics service, Erdemir Celik Servis Merkezi, steel service center for cold product cutting and slitting in Gebze and Erdemir Gaz, established to meet the group's need of gas.
The aim of the research is to develop proof of concept for an innovative organic leaching process the company has been applying to the unique tropical clay laterite structures that exist at its Wowo Gap nickel and cobalt deposit in Oro Province Papua New Guinea and for treating other siliceous nickel lateite orebodies.
Created from dead sea mud, lavender, and siliceous earth, this scrub is rich in minerals which will nourish and feed the skin.
Banded agates are formed by the successive deposit in layers of siliceous material, while moss and dendritic agates consist of branching inclusions of mainly manganese inside chalcedony, dendritic agates being like the pendant pictured that resemble ferns or trees.
Contributors in environmental, biological, and physical sciences report their own research or review the technical literature on such topics as a model simulation of carbon and nitrogen dynamics in a biowaste compost fertilization experiment, a comparison between short-term effects of sewage sludge compost and phosphate salt fertilization on microbial activities involved in phosphorous turn-over in two calcareous and siliceous Mediterranean vineyard soils, contributions of leaf-cutting ants to soil fertility, enhancing nutrient retention in soils by managing microbial biomass, research and prospects of charcoal amendments to maintain soil fertility and establish a carbon sink, and a review and analysis of the fertility status and dynamics of soils in the Nepal Himalaya.
5mm thick within a purple brown siliceous fragment.
One thousand times greater than the 1980 eruption of Mount St Helens, the Turkey Creek Caldera eruption laid down 2,000ft of highly siliceous ash and pumice - the mixture fusing into a rock that eventually eroded into the spires and unusual formations of today.