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Chaplin screen contemporary Mary Pickford articulated this sentiment in the most provocatively succinct manner: "It would have been more logical if silent pictures had grown out of the talkies instead of the other way around.
Other early examples are the Belgian silent picture Missionaires italiens aux Indes (Italian Missionaries in the Indies) (1932; dir.
Tom Taaffe received a welcome change of luck when Silent Picture collared Garlough in the bumper to provide Cian Hughes with his first victory.
a more extreme case of visual storytelling, is an almost silent picture shot from the point of view of an apartment window in St.
Conversation is here reduced not only to a picture but to a silent picture.
He does tell us, with no evident slyness, that "ecphrastic poems purport to speak up for the silent picture, to make it speak out in some way.
A short time later, a few bison were brought over as movie props for a silent picture based on Zane Grey's ``The Vanishing American.
For seven decades, the theater that was once a silent picture house has honored early American theatrical traditions by presenting a bounty of musical comedies, variety acts and melodramatic plays.
Mickey's Circus', from Larry Darmour Productions, stars Rooney as Mickey McGuire, the ringmaster of a kids' circus, among dozens of early American silent pictures that are slated for preservation.
He began life as a violinist playing in the cinemas for the silent pictures, and a lot of these people who did this work made a habit of walking home, and this was the start of him becoming champion of the world.
The country evolved and grew with her, through wars, presidents, silent pictures then talkies then digital special effects.
It will have been silent pictures because the talkies only arrived after 1927.
Through substantial annual funding to the nation's leading archives, the foundation works to preserve and restore a broad range of films including classic Hollywood productions, avant-garde works, documentaries, newsreels, and silent pictures from the earliest days of cinema.
And viewers have had to make do with silent pictures of the nine remaining housemates - aside from the occasional cackle from transsexual Nadia.