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Special mention must also be made about the look of the piece; it's gorgeous with a clever set combining the glamour of old Hollywood with Norma's Gothic mansion and all topped off with on-stage projections of silent movies.
Flip," in which an obnoxious general store manager gets punished by being smeared with pie on his face in a scene. The pioneering movie comedian Ben Turpin, who acted in silent movies, is credited with starting the pie-in-the-face tradition in movie, according to ( the American Pie Party.
It will be the first full-length British silent movie to be made since The Broken Melody and Alley Cats, both completed in 1929.
Music Silent Movie Sundays with live piano accompaniment by Nat Needle, 5:30 p.m.; cartoons, 4:30 p.m.; Andy Cummings, 8:30 p.m.
Singin' In The Rain Wales Millennium Centre, Cardiff, 7.30pm Tickets: PS19-PS47.50 Based on the classic film starring Gene Kelly, the musical's set in Hollywood when the film industry was moving away from the silent movie era.
The 1976 production, Silent Movie, revolves around the life of legendary director Mel Funn who attempts to make a comeback after falling victim to the bottle.
Singin'in the Rain: Famous for the 1952 MGM movie version starring Gene Kelly, Singin'in the Rain tells the story of Don Lockwood, silent movie star who has everything a person dreams of - fame, popularity and a romance with co-star Lina Lamont.
FILM fans will take a step back in time when a classic silent movie is screened in the North East.
FILM fans will take a step back in time when a silent movie classic is screened in the North East.
Mel Brooks did bring out the comedy favourite Silent Movie in 1976 about a director trying to bring out the first silent film in 40 years.
I had driven by the Silent Movie Theatre on Fairfax in Los Angeles many times, always thinking it'd be a great place to have a show or a party, or to shoot a video, and then it all started making sense that we should use public-domain silent movie footage.
The perma-snarl beneath those dead, black eyes gives him the look of a silent movie villain.
Set in Hollywood 1927, The Artist tells the story of George Valentin, a silent movie superstar whose career is hit by but the advent of 'the talkies'.
The silent movie is an emotional cinema, it's sensorial; the fact that you don't go through a text brings you back to a basic way of telling a story that only works on the feelings you have created.
Summary: Silent movie The Artist has dominated the Independent Spirit Awards with four gongs ahead of a hotly tipped Oscars performance on Sunday.