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any of various young herrings (other than brislings) canned as sardines in Norway

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aas 'loop, noose', aeg 'time', angerjas 'eel', hagu 'stick, twig', haljas 'green; shining', hammas 'tooth', hani 'goose', hein 'hay', hernes 'pea', hirv 'deer', hoim 'kin; tribe', harg 'ox', ihne 'stingy, mean', kael 'neck', kahv 'ladle', kaust 'upper beam of a sleigh', kiit-(ma) 'to praise', kirst 'chest', kirves 'axe', kold (-- kollane 'yelllow'), kors 'stalk', labidas 'shovel', lahja 'lean; watery', laisk 'lazy', liig 'excess', luht 'waterside meadow', luud 'broom', lohi 'salmon', loug 'chin', morsja 'bride', oinas 'ram',puder 'porridge', ratas 'wheel', rastas 'thrush', sein 'wall', seeme 'seed', sild 'bridge', sosar 'sister', tiine 'pregnant', tutar 'daughter', vagu 'furrow', vaha 'wax', vehmer 'shaft of a yoke', vahk 'crayfish', ois 'flower'.
NEWPORT: Tredegar House And Country Park (01633 246 241 ), Lucy Ward, Barlow Cree, Sild.
Yr uchafbwynt o ran perfformiadau byw fydd gig gyda'r nos ym maes parcio Gwesty'r Ship gyda Ryland Teifi a Mendocino o Iwerddon, Bob Delyn a'r Ebillion, a Sild sydd e'u cerddoriaeth o draddodiadau Cymru ac Estonia, yn perfformio (Tocynnau pounds 12).
I would like to take this opportunity, on behalf of The Avalon Group, to apologise publicly and sincerely to Mrs Sild and her family for the distress caused.
Sild is a type of canned small herring associated with which country?
Contractor name : OSAE[pounds sterling]HING PEREARST MILVI SILD
Goals from Ryan Denton (2) and Kyrone Cooper secured a 3-2 win over Kirkheaton, but the same scoreline on Sunday left them with no points as Norristhorpe scored four times to cancel out strikes from Bally Uppal and Luke Sild.
In the evening there's music from Bob Delyn a'r Ebillion, Ryland Teifi and Mendocino, plus Sild.
Stockton-based carer Sheila Sild has been with Avalon for almost two years and uses the charity's Sitting Service twice a month.
The students, pictured above, are from left, Sam Hoile from High Heaton, Newcastle (Royal College of Music); James Tradgett, Whitley Bay (Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama); Paul Sild, Hartlepool (University of Birmingham); Victoria Bell, Houghton-le-Spring (Trinity College of Music); Tong Zhao, Fenham, Newcastle (University of Cambridge); Sergio Serra, Gateshead (Guildhall School of Music and Drama); Rachael Chesney, Warkworth (Royal College of Music); Anna Shucksmith, Stocksfield (Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama); Carmen Green, South Shields (University of Durham); Richard Scott, Fenham (University of Birmingham); and Daniel Tate, Whitley Bay (University of Durham).
Huddersfield dominated the second half and Luke Booth and Jordan Sild both came close to clinching victory late on.