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any of various young herrings (other than brislings) canned as sardines in Norway

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Fagila, "Structural and gas response characterization of nano-size Sn[O.sub.2] films deposited by SILD method," Sensors and Actuators B, vol.
As such texts concentrate only on documenting groves and bringing sacrifices to them, at the same time mentioning worshipping of stones and trees (see Sild 1937), they do not offer anything new in understanding groves.
There will be aebelskivers (those yummy pancake balls) and and speke sild (pickled herring; hey, someone must like it) and any number of yummy treats in between.
After the show, was it "Your plaice or mine?", sild with a kiss, or "Not tonight I've got a haddock"?
Ehita+ta +kse build SBJ-LESS.SUPPR PRES sild +a, bridge SG.PART(itive) lit.
This could have been assessed by using an electronic diary Further, given the higher rate of side effects in the sild enafil group, it would have been interesting to ask patients at end of treatment if the harms were worth the benefits.
Comedy Award winner Harry Hill brings his inimitable weirdness in his new show Sild P.I.
Applying Eldredge's ideas will strengthen the programming between classroom teachers and support staff such as SILD, and provide a coherent program for students experiencing reading problems.
Sardines packed in their own oil, called "sild," have some additional omega-3s, but often other added oil as well.
Don't bother getting your sardines in sild (fish) oil.
Alex Wright, Keesan Morgan and Luke Sild scored for Netherton, but three replies from Savile Town left the teams with a point each from a 3-3 draw.
aas 'loop, noose', aeg 'time', angerjas 'eel', hagu 'stick, twig', haljas 'green; shining', hammas 'tooth', hani 'goose', hein 'hay', hernes 'pea', hirv 'deer', hoim 'kin; tribe', harg 'ox', ihne 'stingy, mean', kael 'neck', kahv 'ladle', kaust 'upper beam of a sleigh', kiit-(ma) 'to praise', kirst 'chest', kirves 'axe', kold (-- kollane 'yelllow'), kors 'stalk', labidas 'shovel', lahja 'lean; watery', laisk 'lazy', liig 'excess', luht 'waterside meadow', luud 'broom', lohi 'salmon', loug 'chin', morsja 'bride', oinas 'ram',puder 'porridge', ratas 'wheel', rastas 'thrush', sein 'wall', seeme 'seed', sild 'bridge', sosar 'sister', tiine 'pregnant', tutar 'daughter', vagu 'furrow', vaha 'wax', vehmer 'shaft of a yoke', vahk 'crayfish', ois 'flower'.