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Synonyms for signify

Synonyms for signify

to have or convey a particular idea

to be of significance or importance

Synonyms for signify

denote or connote

convey or express a meaning

make known with a word or signal

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What is crucial to the realist position--whether Moorean or naturalist--is the claim that normative terms have a determinate reference and signify a specific property.
The different directions signify different body parts: where the structure is located will ultimately affect that particular body part.
ingeniously shows how the predicate "exists" does not signify merely a minimum level of being; it also signifies that by which all the other real properties of anything are constituted as real, and hence already enfolds within itself all the positivity of all the real perfections of every real being, thus leaving open the possibility of an upper "limit case" of pure, unbounded existence transcending all the limited instances beneath it.
These behavioral signs, according to these academics, did not signify cultural devolution but a universal and harmless stage of life: adolescence.
For example, a horizontally polarized photon could signify 0 and a vertically polarized photon could signify 1.
The appropriation of body (corpse) to signify something threatened -- the body, self identity, social worlds -- derives from firstly the reality that pain silences the body and secondly from the materiality of the body, the site where we most intensely experience the self.
Understanding correctly that an annulment would signify that their marriage had never been valid, Sheila refused to cooperate.
Marriage usually does not signify a state that interrupts or discontinues the career of a man, but for a woman in the 1940s and 1950s, the union typically mandated a termination of any aspirations towards professional development; indeed, marriage was presumed to signify womanly fulfillment.
Progesterone is the proper name to signify identical-to-natural progesterone; progestin signifies non-bioidentical progesterone.
There are also plenty of activities for children, including a project in which they can make ancient Bavarian-style family heirlooms called wimples - textile art designed to signify births, weddings and other special events.
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