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the phonological or orthographic sound or appearance of a word that can be used to describe or identify something

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Key Words: Populism, the people, anti-intellectualism, the empty signifier, Demagogue, Prophecy.
Sex, then, despite its initial imbrication with the organism and reproduction, becomes a parcel for which there is no signifier able to represent it as a function, placed in a domain that, in Lacanian terms, refers to the Real.
Despite that the lifestyle of his friend plays the first stage of simulation where signifier is free and he has the choice to find his own way.
Now, semiotics can take us even further into the relationship between signifier and signified--Play and Fast Forward point in one direction, as opposed to Rewind; the use of multiple triangles to differentiate speeds between Play and Fast Forward; the similarly boxy shapes of Pause and Stop, with Pause appearing slightly less formidable.
Platonic binary system implies a system of thought that is grounded in the assumption that each and every signifier ultimately leads to a transcendental signified, an assumption which insistently foregrounds one leg of binary, and tends to keep the other leg in the background.
Importantly, the enigmatic signifier in many instances can be likened to a riddle without an answer.
The middle Lacan, by contrast, is said to be the Lacan of the Symbolic, of the logic of the signifier, for whom the subject is an effect of the metaphoric and metonymic movements of language.
Exhibit A in this hall of self-reflection is phallogocentrism, in which the logocentric discourse of the West that seeks to ground itself in its own self-presence is constituted under the phallic signifier.
Laclau argues that an empty signifier is a "signifier without a signified.
Thus, I explore the significance of Tomomi's relation to paternity as I consider how her apparent struggles with psychosis and the failure of the signifier are part of her feminine development.
I note, parenthetically, that the discussion of sexual difference and castration is a product of my own reading of The Wandering Signifier and does not appear in Graff Zivin's own commentary.
Unlike the symbol which predominates in poetry produced in organic societies, and in which the signified is supposedly immanent in the signifier, the distance between the signifier and the signified in allegory and the contradiction in irony recreate the distance between the individual and society.
Pluth reviews Lacan's definitions of the trace, the sign, and the signifier, and provides formulations of metaphor and metonymy that nicely underscore the gap between signifier and signified (or meaning): metaphor 'creates a verbal incarnation of a signified effect in a signifier by conflating a signifier with this effect, making that signifier act as a signified,' while 'metonymy creates an absent or a withdrawn signified effect' (35-6).
Identity, history, myth, scientific experiment, social hierarchies, sexuality, nationalism, violence, ethics and ecology are interwoven issues for which the body in these stories becomes a powerful signifier.
In post-modernist decline / Signifier questions sign.