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In the Roman period it signified "patron," that is, one who provided funds, protection, and political influence for his or her clients.
Evidently, Christian intuition understood that the question was not secondary, that to defend Scripture (which in neither the Old nor the New Testament knows women priests) signified once more to defend the human person, especially those of the female sex.
The order's determination to insulate these establishments from the hispanic society of the colonial Plata signified that for the first 150 years of the Guarani missions, Indians interacted with only a small number of Jesuits.
This ultimate syncretism of African customs and American mores is signified in Douglass's remarks: "We have to do with the past only as we can make it useful to the present and to the future.
As always with Boltanski, the image seemed a sort of relic, the precarious yield of an attempt to save something from the oblivion signified by the darkness or, at best, the half-light into which the work was plunged.
Both spouses must consent to split the gifts; consent is signified only by filing and signing Form 709, U.
It would avoid the closure of the world signified by a straightforward apocalypse, and it would avoid the closure of the text signified by an anti-apocalypse" (19).
Historians have traced its roots to the indigenous faiths of pre-Columbian Mexico where an ancient Mayan ceremony of adulthood signified a young man was eligible to be a warrior and a young woman could bear children.