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a person (not necessarily a spouse) with whom you cohabit and share a long-term sexual relationship

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Beliefs about unsportspersonlike play--self-beliefs and perceived beliefs of significant others.
To measure the work values of the self and significant others, a questionnaire for work values, developed by Hirschi (2010), was used.
One significant other described it as a general, all-encompassing role: "My part is just to support.
The perceived benefits and challenges to involving family members and significant others in a healthy lifestyle intervention are presented in Table 1, and we elaborate on them below.
Rankings by the MS patients and significant others were similar.
Over half of the female respondents also found their significant others to be more attractive than their affair partners, but 50 percent said their lovers were in better shape.
The author of two cookbooks, Strauss says, "Baking is not as hard as people believe, but the personal touch of homemade goods makes a big impact to children, friends and significant others.
Summary: AHSA: A man in his 40s finally settled on his one true love -- his fourth wife -- and divorced his three significant others.
The expected reaction of significant others (friends, family, co-workers) also plays a role in determining whether behaviors will change.
Researchers said: "Excessive demands and serious worries from significant others seem to be important risk factors.
Women should learn to strike a balance between their work and conjugal duties to prevent their significant others straying.
Well-resourced foster homes and treatment collectives for young drug abusers gave the young people an opportunity to learn step by step to have confidence in adults as significant others, to live meaningful and ordinary daily lives and gradually to break with friends with antisocial conduct.
Military training facilities and VA and community health centers should screen and treat significant others and family members for PTSD, added Dr.
Further investigation of PTSD in significant others is warranted, and if the findings are replicated, it would lend credence to inclusion of a vicarious trauma diagnosis in the DSM-5, she said.
sets out the theories and fundamental curative factors that underlie education and support programs to help family members and significant others cope with mental, emotional, and behavioral disorders.
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