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any digit of a number that is known with certainty

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Supposing that the fund's resources start at an initial level of 100 million, the first significant digit of the total value of resources is 1 and will only change when the total value of the fund's resources reaches the amount of 200 million.
Note that we read and write the expansions from the least significant digit to the most significant one and we start at the digit corresponding to [2.
After analyzing the five groups of numberical examples, it can be found that when copmleting the division calculation according to the input of significant digit G, the value F will increase as G increases, which means that the iterative number will increase with the increased requirements of the computational accuracy of quotient.
MSD - most significant digit, that processes the elements starting from the most significant digit and moves towards the least significant one.
Leading digits (LD) or first significant digits are the first digits of numbers appearing on the left.
which treats the elements of the tensor as digits base k, where the elements are taken in row major order, treating the first as the least significant digit, and the last as the most significant.
Though there are already other studies reporting higher precision values, up to 12 significant digits [17], for example, we will not employ them here for we do not need such precision as our method gives numbers up to the 6th significant digit.
For example, to compute accurate trajectories of spacecraft, you must find minute differences between very large numbers--differences that may exist only after, say, the 16th or 17th significant digit.
A significant Digit x T interaction was also found, wherein index finger CoVs reached stable values several minutes earlier than did those for the thumb (Figure 4).
The level of accuracy is rather remarkable for such a small unit: within three percent of the wind speed reading or the least significant digit, whichever is greater.
4] is that normalization can cause the first word to have only one significant digit, so only about 53 significant digits can be assumed to be present.
An application of Fourier series to the most significant digit problem.
The first value is presented to 1 significant digit.
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