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a ring bearing a signet


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According to Woodruff and Novak, Krukenberg's original criteria for this eponymous tumor were (i) tumor in the ovary, (ii) signet ring cells indicating intracellular mucin production, and (iii) sarcoma-like infiltration into the ovarian stroma.
This included a number of gold chains, signet rings, a Royal Artillery badge, a pair of seed pearl droplet earrings, a gold ring with three sapphires, a cocktail watch with rubies and diamonds, two ruby rings, a pair of cameo earrings and a pendant.
Traditionally when it came to jewellery men would have been more in favour of wearing signet rings," he said.
Jewellery worth pounds 2,500, some of sentimental value, including gold wedding bands, an engagement ring, pearl necklace and signet rings were taken.
His haul included two signet rings, another ring, a watch and lighter worth around pounds 400 and a coin collection that included silver threepenny bits, sixpences and other silver coins, to the value of around pounds 100.
Jewellery was bought as gifts, and men rarely wore anything but watches and signet rings.
Signet rings which were used to seal official documents are set to make a comeback in Government.
7) The return of such gifts is well attested too: Chaucer's Griselda returns her wedding ring, among other things, to Walter when she believes their marriage is over (Clerk's Tale, IV (E), 868), or dead' as modem usage has it, and bequests of various rings, includiag signet rings, are common in medieval wills.
Gerard Black, 63, said he would pay a personal reward of PS1,000 to anyone who gave police information leading to a conviction over six sovereign rings and signet rings and two gold chains taken from him.
One of the three missing signet rings is engraved with the number 21, with an engagement ring and an eternity ring also making up part of the loot.
Surprisingly, it was the well-known Regency dandy, Beau Brummell, who initiated the 19th century trend towards greater simplicity in men's dress, leaving only cufflinks, tiepins, signet rings and fobs as significant items of men's jewellery.