signet ring

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a ring bearing a signet


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It is frequently misinterpreted as signet ring cell carcinoma (SRCC), but recent literature outlined its morphologic and immunophenotypic characteristics.
He sold some of the sentimental-value jewellery, and police recovered a signet ring which was identified by the widower.
But a victim who had her grandad's signet ring stolen blasted the reduced sentence.
A silver Samsung laptop, a black Acer laptop, a man's 22-carat gold signet ring with the initials WM, and a Bose sound system were among the items stolen.
Once inside, they stole a gold ring, a Swiss watch, a man's gold signet ring with the initials 'SNP' engraved in it, a gold chain with emerald stones in it, a Seiko watch with metallic strap, a gold pocket watch chain and a two tone quartz Rotary watch bracelet.
A key delineation in our case involved the differentiation between lipoid cell UC and signet ring cell carcinoma (SRC).
The signet ring which portrays St Peter in a boat and is worn by the Pope is often called what?
People used personal seals in the First Temple period for the purpose of signing letters and they were set in a signet ring.
The thieves took a bank card, a Philips laptop, a man's 18ct gold signet ring stamped with the initials 'JAW' and an 18ct gold diamond ring, in the raid on Cop Hill Lane, Slaithwaite.
They may manifest as abnormal intestinal soft tissue reactive changes (eg, inflammatory fibroid polyp [IFP]), exuberant prolapse-induced changes (eg, colitis cystica profunda), unusual-appearing cellular changes (eg, malakoplakia, bizarre stromal cells [BSC], or benign signet ring cells), and morphologic findings made unusual by their location (heterotopias).
The former soldier was left distraught when thieves made off with family jewels and mementos, including an engraved signet ring, pocket watch and gold fountain pen.
Whether it can be done in a thin band, or whether it would have to be a signet ring, we just don't know.
Mr Culley, who used to wear a gold and black onyx ring and signet ring which had belonged to his father, was last seen by his friends on May 5, 2004, and his body was discovered two days later.
It was revealed that a 'very sensitive' item of jewellery she kept locked in a wooden chest was a signet ring belonging to her former lover Major James Hewitt.