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structure displaying a board on which advertisements can be posted

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The mosque administration has installed a signboard on the land next to the mosque, calling it their property, while the Capital Development Authority (CDA) has remained silent.
Summary: Feline stayed on building signboard for two days before rescued by police
The three characters of "Gwang Hwa Mun" on the namesake main signboard at the main gate of Gyeongbok Palace, one of Korea's main architectural icons, will have a newly restored black-and-gold signboard, more faithful to its original colors.
Last year, OAS had set up a signboard to indicate the passage of Tropic of Cancer in Amerat in Muscat governorate.
Contract awarded for Announcement of small amount of quotation submission announcement - purchase installation of signboard of central government building maintenance official material
Officials of the Defence police station said three workers were installing a signboard on an electricity pole outside a house when they suddenly got electrocuted.
A business owner has been referred to the Public Prosecution for submitting a forged picture of a signboard through the Sijilat website.
On July 19, the anti-Hindi agitation was exhibited by the members of the KRV who blackened words written in Hindi on the signboard outside Yeswanthpur metro station.
They said that LED TVs and small screens of cinema houses are installed in famous roads of the provincial capital an alternative of the signboard and billboards which would spread vulgarity in the Pakhtun society.
The tarpaulin was mounted on a signboard and put up last month by the Provincial Peace and Order Council (PPOC) and the Antique police at the public plaza of San Jose, the provincial capital.
KOCAELy (CyHAN)- A truck, of which dumper opened suddenly, crashed traffic signboard in the northwestern province of Kocaeli on Thursday.
In fact, the signboards surrounding the shopping center's signboard should come in smaller sizes.
An institution, be it a medical clinic a school or an institute can put up a signboard if it has been approved by the PWD.
But more than the aesthetics, it's the financial aspect of the drive that has businesses and signboard makers like Fahad talking.
As a typical example, content including the name and brief description of shops or institutions can be provided instantly to foreign tourists by recognizing the text of signboard images and converting them to different languages using language translators [13].