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structure displaying a board on which advertisements can be posted

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Upgrading, development, maintenance and support of IS Signboard II.
EcORUM (CyHAN)- The two workers, who climbed to the fourth floor of a private course by the crane to remove of the signboard of the building, stuck in the vehicle due to its failure at late night hours on Saturday.
Ras Al Khaimah: An Asian man died after a traffic signboard fell on him at the intersection of Obaid Allah Hospital on Al Nakheel Road, a Ras Al Khaimah Police official said on Monday.
Another shop set up a new signboard inside Reza Mall, the oldest IT mall in Tehran.
Just a month ago, I received an offence that was showing on my LMRA system that the Industry and Commerce Ministry inspectors visited my premises and found nobody there and even there was no signboard and hence they had added almost three different violations on my CR.
As of now, a majority of these colonies do not have any signboard and as a result, are stop destination, the The taken Delhi following being planned on verge SIGNAGE MESS ROAD PWD move comes after frequent complaints
The issue fueled again when the local administration on Saturday pulled down a 50-year-old concrete signboard reading Maharashtra Rajya from its Yellur village.
In fact, the signboards surrounding the shopping center's signboard should come in smaller sizes.
I was shocked to see on every signboard a beautiful woman advertising the latest print and design of lawn.
But more than the aesthetics, it's the financial aspect of the drive that has businesses and signboard makers like Fahad talking.
On Saturday morning, some men were seen working to set up an eye-catching signboard with the words "65th anniversary" and "celebration" written in red and blue colors in front of Pyongyang railway station, while some women were seen to be cleaning the review stands at Kim Il Sung Square, the main square in the country named after the country's founder.
The only people who will benefit are the signboard makers.
He added that if the signboard belonged to a state institution, a constitutional infrastructure and a law was necessary not to write in official language.
There are three patterns of the signboards; location guide signboard, direction guide signboard and start-end guide signboard.
Hundreds of relatives of passengers drowned on a Red Sea ferry attacked the offices of the Egyptian owners today, throwing its furniture into the street and burning the company's signboard.