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a melody used to identify a performer or a dance band or radio/tv program

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The innovative programme's distinctive signature tune has been re-recorded for the new series by Pen Llyn band Cowbois Rhos Botwnnog.
His signature tune Cuban Love Song meant hearing all the very best in Latin American dance music, played by his orchestra on radio and on record.
We could even play the signature tune to Channel 4 Racing at the graveside," he said.
Signature tune Black Horse And The Cherry Tree featured the singer's clever use of technology as she built up a sound palette before the band joined in for a rousing climax.
This philosophy has no doubt led to the re-release of folky Winston's signature tune that he penned while going on nomadic busking walkabouts through Europe.
Louise was the signature tune of which entertainer?
She looked happy and healthy and got a big cheer for her signature tune Rehab.
This newly remastered album from 1978 finds the sweet-voiced Lavoe (who died penniless in '93 from AIDS) in top form, performing his signature tune ``El Cantante'' (penned by his then-labelmate Ruben Blades) and produced by the great Willie Colon, with whom Lavoe made more than a dozen albums before the band leader booted him over his drug addiction.
But will his mother perform the family's signature tune, "Squeezebox"?
The Sleeping Beauty has long been considered the signature tune of Britain's Royal Ballet.
The program continues with both originals and standards, special highlights being Pepper's signature tune, "Straight Life" (lots of irony in that title .
Everywhere we look we see artists borrowing, pastiching, reworking--from the straight rip-off to the ironic theft, to the subtle incorporation of a lifted image, to an under-the-breath whistle from another artist's signature tune.
The album's best pieces include Duke Ellington's "Reflections in D," Alex North's "Spartacus Love Theme," and Evans's signature tune, "Peace Piece," a work that seems to come from a world beyond time.
We expect her to become instantly recognisable, with her space-age costume, signature tune and sign message.
Silence, like all the best things, is best appreciated in its absence: if noise is the signature tune of the world, silence is the music of the other world, the closest thing we know to the harmony of the spheres.