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biometric identification by automatically scanning a person's signature and matching it electronically against a library of known signatures

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While Notolio might not cover every aspect of note identification or key signature recognition that a teacher would hope for, it is student and family friendly.
Off-line signature recognition systems first digitize the signature image captured through a scanner or a camera and store for later processing.
They examine topics in word spotting, digit recognition, a codebook for handwriting recognition, segmentation techniques for flowchart recognition, word segmentation, multilingual recognition, character classification, bank check processing and postal automation, mathematical expression, signature recognition, writer identification, forensic applications, and historical documents.
On-line signature recognition approach based on wavelets and Support Vector Machines.
Another advantage of the use of signature recognition as an authentication method is that most of the modern portable computers and personal digital assistants use handwritten inputs, thus there is no need in invention of principally new devices for biometric information collection.
HB 1061, Signature Recognition on Forms within the APN Scope of Practice goes into effect January 1, 2009 and Involuntary Commitments for Drug and Alcohol go into effect July 1, 2009.
The Ag8000 is a self-contained, 10-pin device providing a non-isolated DC/DC converter with signature recognition compliant to IEEE 802.
Signature recognition (with blocking disabled) was acceptable out of the box (71%), but was increased to 97% after the application of a signature pack update.
Its feature set enables new interface functions such as application zooming, flight point feature, digital signature recognition, greater input area and more accurate input control.
SurfControl's unique Anti-Spam Agent uses digital signature recognition technology and compares e-mails with a constantly updated database of known spam.
Leading biometric technologies include facial recognition, fingerprint recognition, hand geometry, iris recognition, retina recognition, signature recognition, and speaker recognition.
Opterna's Fiber Sentinel system uses artificial intelligence and optical digital signature recognition to monitor fiber connections, and can detect and deal with intrusions, said Michael Cohen, vice president of Global Marketing for Opterna.
Other technologies include facial recognition, iris and retina scans, palm scans/hand geometry, thermal imaging, voiceprint recognition, and signature recognition.
Signature recognition, less broadly used and not as accurate, measures one's manner of writing--stroke order, speed and pressure on the pen.