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Synonyms for signature

a distinguishing style

a melody used to identify a performer or a dance band or radio/tv program

the sharps or flats that follow the clef and indicate the key

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a sheet with several pages printed on it

References in classic literature ?
I have studied some of these signatures so much that I know them as well as the bank cashier knows the autograph of his oldest customer.
This is Count Luigi's right hand; this one, three signatures below, is his left.
Then, it is said, he shuddered, as if that signature had granted away his salvation.
Whereupon Caleb drew down his spectacles, and proceeded to write his signature with the care which he always gave to that performance; for whatever he did in the way of business he did well.
Either because his interest in this work thrust the incident of the signature from his memory, or for some reason of which Caleb was more conscious, Mrs.
it is part of my wiliness and part of my suspicion to object to Madame Fosco being a witness to Lady Glyde's signature, when I am also a witness myself.
I have explained to him that the law of England allows Madame Fosco to witness a signature as well as her husband.
The Count's scruples might have been honourable and reasonable enough, but there was something in his manner of expressing them which increased my unwillingness to be concerned in the business of the signature.
witnessing a signature is not to be done by mooning out of window and smoking into the flowers.
If my signature pledges me to anything," she said, "surely I have some claim to know what that pledge is?
Excuse me, Sir Percival," I said--"but as one of the witnesses to the signature, I venture to think that I HAVE something to do with the matter.
After what you have just said to me," she replied firmly, "I refuse my signature until I have read every line in that parchment from the first word to the last.
Well, would you like to do the second signature of '/Is woman a human being?
I say brave, for I am always struck by the courage of the two who thus gaily leap into the gulf of the unknown together, thus join hands over the inevitable, and put their signatures to the irrevocable.
When the seven years had quite gone, the Fiend came with his book, and, pointing at the signatures, said, 'I will take you underground with me; you shall have a meal there.