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in a signal manner

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The hearty old landlord was trying to look very cheerful and unconcerned, but failing signally in the attempt.
Dick received this project in anything but a gracious manner, representing with as much warmth as he was then capable of showing, that they would find the old buck (meaning Sarah) more difficult to manage than Quilp himself--that, for any tampering, terrifying, or cajolery, she was a very unpromising and unyielding subject--that she was of a kind of brass not easily melted or moulded into shape-- in short, that they were no match for her, and would be signally defeated.
He tried to make this side of the question clear to Sally, but failed signally.
Now, my young friend, is it possible that wisdom may come from you where your seniors have so signally failed?
He made a practice of living in both worlds, and in both worlds he lived signally well.
Providence has signally marked out my husband to protect him, and he has fed at our table and lodged under our roof now many days, till our hearts have grown very strongly unto him.
It is also signally failing to encourage the use of public transport.
What Mrs May signally failed to mention is that in England this lower figure will still be PS6,000 a year more than the Scots pay as, in that extraordinarily fortunate land, university education is completely free of tuition charges.
Mbemba (left) was namechecked by Benitez as an option to play in midfield, with the Spaniard signally Jack Colback's Newcastle career is effectively finished.
Periodically, the action freezes and the time, temperature, and barometric pressure flash on the screen, signally a shift to excessive heat or cold.
Virtue signally crisp salesman @ GaryLineker's stance on migrants is actually for personal financial gain.
Might the Supreme Court's signally important 2015 ruling in B&B Hardware v.
Summary: Might the Supreme Court’s signally important 2015 ruling in B&B Hardware v.
In his notebook Zeno rants about all our destructive behavior, but, signally, he reveals more.