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someone who communicates by signals

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This week, Hugh was overjoyed to hear the skirl of the bagpipes when Jimmy and two of his newest recruit pipers - signallers David McRobb and Saul Bouhadjar - played their tunes and chatted with him.
GSM-R project design engineer Jim Thomson says: "It speeds up the overall communication process for signaller and driver alike and vastly improves operational communications within the network.
The report stated: "The driver and the trainee signaller did not reach a clear understanding about stopping trains on the adjacent lines, and the driver subsequently alighted from the driving cab of his train, incorrectly believing it was safe to do so.
He was later promoted to bombardier to take charge of the 1st Battery Signallers 315th Brigade Royal Field Artillery.
THE ALL-STARS: Former England rugby union players Steve Thompson and Neil Back, with soldiers from the 258 Signal Squadron, after finishing a gruelling 26-mile ruck march * MARATHON EFFORT: Huddersfield Royal Signaller Cpl Joe Higgins, based near Kabul, and inset, a screen grab of the website for the 'Seven soldiers, seven marathons, seven days' event he took part in (S)
Signaller Bland was due to return home on leave within weeks, the MoD said.
ATLANTA -- Serologicals Corporation (NASDAQ: SERO) today announced that five finalists from 83 entries have been chosen for its Upstate Group 2006 Young Cell Signaller Award.
DURING this day when the barrage was at its worst two runners and a signaller were in a shell hole by a sandbagged shack playing pontoon.
Musselburgh hosts the Gold Cup |where Royal Signaller is fancied
Signaller Ian Sartorius-Jones, from Runcorn, died on January 24 from a single gunshot wound to the head at the Khar Nikar army base in the Helmand Province.
Pilot Edward Talbot, 27, from Dorchester, navigator Geoffrey Carpenter, 23, from London and signaller Thomas O'Toole, 34, from Merthyr Tydfil in Glamorgan, Wales, were the crew.
ROYAL Signaller Joe Higgins is taking on a gruelling desert challenge in Afghanistan.
Today Signaller Sanders' mum Amanda Sanders, 39, told the Gazette of the plans the two youngsters had made for the summer.
Signaller Bland was a passionate footballer and fan, supporting Leeds, where he lived and had grown up.
General secretary Bob Crow said: "We made it clear to Network Rail that if they did not settle this within a week the Lincoln strike would go ahead and we would ballot every signaller between Doncaster and King's Cross.