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a conspicuous indication

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In addition to the new Design Collection, KONE is also introducing a new set of signalization - the next generation of car operating panels.
Work will also include a new San Bruno station, reconstruction of surface streets, a new pump station and extensive signalization and communication systems for the new alignment.
Tenders are invited for Construction Of Traffic Signalization To Serve The Intersection Of South Mason Road At Delta Lake Drive
It envisaged cooperation in technical issues, training, infrastructure, high-speed train, security, signalization and communication.
In early 2007, studies showed that four of the intersections - the two on Lunenburg Road, Seven Bridge Road and Five Corners - met the state's warrants for signalization and were submitted for design concept plans.
Most of these collisions are not so much the result of a scofflaw mentality as they are inept signalization, road conditions and misappropriation of highway-improvement funds.
Involved in the project will be the addition of signalization at the intersection of Forward Drive and Industrial Park Road near the new post office.
The bonds will finance road, sidewalk, utility, and signalization improvements within the district.
Governor Colak told reporters that the two trains collided noting that a signalization failure caused the accident.
Her ludicrous suggestion that buses will cross intersections every few minutes challenges reality as the signalization will work with the normal city of L.
What's needed instead is a balanced, comprehensive approach that includes a better, more efficient transit system, better traffic signalization, better use of new computer technology and yes, more roads where it is appropriate.
The Highway 41 widening and signalization work continues on schedule with much of the grading, underground infrastructure and asphalting having been completed.
Tender are invited for Supply And Installation Of Vertical Signalization And Maintenance On The Light Signaling For The Municipality Of Ohrid
At the same time, we're pushing forward with Metro Rapid bus technology, light rail, traffic signalization, freeway car-pool lanes and other significant projects that can squeeze more capacity out of local streets and freeways on a faster timetable with less cost than MTA's past emphasis on subways.
Transportation Safety performs highway infrastructure work and signalization systems, including manufacturing and installation of highway signage and safety devices, service and maintenance of highway signalization, and centralized computer controlled traffic signal systems.