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a conspicuous indication

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The modern traffic facility replaces MMDA's 14-year-old signalization system that helped the agency manage around two million cars on the metropolis daily.
The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) will unveil on Wednesday its new cutting edge traffic signalization system that hopes to improve traffic condition as well as pedestrian and commuter safety around Metro Manila.
Governor Colak told reporters that the two trains collided noting that a signalization failure caused the accident.
Most of these collisions are not so much the result of a scofflaw mentality as they are inept signalization, road conditions and misappropriation of highway-improvement funds.
The Highway 41 widening and signalization work continues on schedule with much of the grading, underground infrastructure and asphalting having been completed.
highway 1 turn lane addition, stormwater retrofit and signalization
Her ludicrous suggestion that buses will cross intersections every few minutes challenges reality as the signalization will work with the normal city of L.
Proceeds of the bonds will be used to finance various general purpose projects, including streets and traffic signalization, storm drainage, park and recreation, and public safety and communication facilities.
Tenders are invited for Delivery and installation of touristic and other road signalization in Canton 10; BIH.
At the same time, we're pushing forward with Metro Rapid bus technology, light rail, traffic signalization, freeway car-pool lanes and other significant projects that can squeeze more capacity out of local streets and freeways on a faster timetable with less cost than MTA's past emphasis on subways.
Traffic Management - A variety of management strategies that include improved traffic signalization, new computer technology and adding additional turn lanes at crowded intersections.
Signalization - 817 LF of conduit furnish & install, open trench; 264 LF of conduit, furnish install, directional boring.
It also calls for creating a network of truck-only lanes next to highways such as Interstate 5 that are heavily used by freight haulers; substantial expansion of airports; a variety of other specialized lanes and signalization to speed traffic; and even such tricks as mortgages that are cheaper for housing closer to public transit.
The city has spent millions on a state-of-the art signalization system (the Automated Traffic Surveillance and Control System) that uses a network of detectors and cameras to adjust signal times to traffic so drivers have to start and stop less frequently.
Starwalt said a balanced transportation plan must include improving the efficiency of existing roads through traffic signalization, ramp metering, accident response programs and improved driver information; and, where appropriate, building new roads to draw traffic from more burdened roads.