signaling device

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a device used to send signals

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The signaling device is attached to the diver's buoyancy compensator device (BCD) power inflator/alternate regulator system by a chrome-plated brass coupling and is used to activate a loud surface horn or an underwater percussion noise to alert others in the event of a diver's emergency.
The emergency signaling device converts an ordinary light bulb into a
flashing signaling device by toggling the light switch twice.
Speaking for the more than 32,000 fire companies in the United States, the IAFC notes that a flashing signaling device will act as a "beacon" for emergency responders, facilitating rapid property identification.
Makers of the Smart Alert(TM) emergency signaling device said The International Association of Fire Chiefs, the National Volunteer Fire Council and the Defense Fire Protection Agency recommend the Smart Alert(TM) device.
The locks automatically engage when a resident wearing a signaling device approaches the monitored door.
The contract is for the completion of maintenance and production of new works of current public lighting, low voltage network, telecommunication and signaling devices.
With the acquisition, Cooper Menvier gains complementary capabilities to enhance its core product offerings in fire safety and security detectors, panels and signaling devices, including strobes, sounders, call points and bells.
Contract notice: Contract of automatic level crossing safety equipment to the design, installation, replacement automatic level crossing safety devices signaling devices to including csapErE[bar]ddal improving targeting traffic safety improvements in network gysev ii.
Contract notice: Providing signs and signaling devices.
Elcombe is also the only emergency response provider that exclusively uses FM radio technology in all wireless signaling devices.
Other added offerings include signaling devices, emergency lighting, exit signs, access control, and closed circuit television
11 /PRNewswire/ -- With the first UL Listing of smoke detectors specially designed for hearing-impaired consumers, they will now be able to enjoy similar life-saving benefits as the hearing community with emergency signaling devices that meet the rigorous requirements of Underwriters Laboratories Inc.
CSC, which runs all of Canada's federal prisons, also is installing Dominion's FLASH(TM) transmitters - affordable, easy-to-install emergency signaling devices - in all 49 of its facilities across the country.
Contract notice: Provision of services relating to cobtrole public lighting systems and signaling devices.
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