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10 Special signals; 8 signal groups for reactive signaling.
For example, error signaling transactions have a higher priority than data backup transactions.
We selected Tekelec because of its proven track record in delivering reliable, high-quality signaling solutions," said Uwe JanUen, vice president of Core Network Engineering at T-Mobile.
Sigtran, which enables signaling system 7 (SS7) signaling over IP networks, is considered the stepping stone to IMS.
Both SAS and SATA use Common-Mode signaling during initialization and as a wake-up signal when asleep.
Because of the high signaling speed and limitations of the common FR4 PCB routing material, trace lengths should typically be less than 6 inches.
248 interface to a master Acme Packet Session Controller, or a third-party SIP softswitch or core IMS CSCF signaling element.
As fixed and wireless networks transition to VoIP and IMS, signaling gateways provide the functionality to integrate the existing Public Switched Telecommunications Network (PSTN) to these emerging networks.
As a leader provider of signaling and switching solutions and high-value applications, we are committed to addressing the telecom requirements of government agencies as well as service providers around the globe," said Fred Lax, Tekelec CEO.
Within the extended IMS architecture, two different types of session border controllers (SBC) that integrate signaling and media control - the Access SBC and the Interconnect SBC - play very important roles.
Tekelec (NASDAQ: TKLC), a leading developer of telecommunications products for next-generation fixed, mobile and packet networks, today announced Valley Telecom Group will deploy two EAGLE(R) 5 Signaling Applications Systems and a suite of traffic management applications to reduce operational costs of its signaling network and generate new revenues.
Adds enhanced signaling DoS protection, TLS and IPSec hardware acceleration module and SIP privacy support to comprehensive, existing set of Net-SAFE security features
This new WiMAX software handles all WiMAX bandwidths with auto-detection of all modulation formats, plus measurement of all signaling formats, frame lengths, guard intervals and sampling factors.
and Transaction Network Services (TNS) have selected the Tekelec EAGLE(R) 5 Signaling Application System (SAS) and integrated Sentinel business intelligence platform as the foundation for upgrading the XO signaling network.