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Synonyms for signal-to-noise

the ratio of signal intensity to noise intensity

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This enhanced signal-to-noise ratio, LaConte added, carries implications for brain rehabilitation.
The signal dynamic range, for a minimum signal-to-noise ratio of 100, will be from about 68 [micro]V to 5 V (at the preamplifier output), which corresponds to a radiant power range of 34 nW to 2.
The result is a digital representation of the signal with a very low noise component and a high signal-to-noise ratio.
It facilitates production testing through constant and accurate monitoring of key parameters including signal-to-noise ratio and signal strength.
Combining Bluetooth and proprietary noise compensation technologies, sound processing algorithms, techniques that improve signal-to-noise ratio and other audio science to deliver state-of-the-art personal sound - Sound ID has created a new category of Bluetooth-enabled hearing devices that change the way consumers experience sound.
The perfect crystals provide high angular resolution while the multiple reflections suppress the "wings" of the beam profile, improving the signal-to-noise ratio to values comparable to that obtained with pinhole instruments.
The SSM2301 and SSM2304 have less than 1 percent total harmonic distortion plus noise (THD+N) when driving peak output loads from a 5 V supply, and a signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) that is better than 98 dB.
This differential output capability, coupled with the AD8222's outstanding noise performance (8 nV/root-Hz input noise) allows designers to use smaller supply rails without sacrificing signal-to-noise performance.
2 V DC supply and they offer exceptional linearity and signal-to-noise (SNR) performance.
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