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a building from which signals are sent to control the movements of railway trains


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In this photograph, a handful of soldiers are positioned onor around a wooden signal tower, each striking a unique pose.
The brand new Eco range from AUER is a complete series of modular signal towers that offer optimum performance featuring the latest LED technology at a competitive price.
Mobile subscribers in Noida have been facing a harrowing time making and receiving calls in the last couple of days after the Noida Authority sealed as many as 190 signal towers out of the 576 that exist in this satellite township of the capital.
BG Foley kicked off the "year of the Signal Corps" in December by unveiling "A Brief History of the Signal Corps," a nine-panel display highlighting the Signal Corps' history on the first floor of Signal Towers.
Parts, such as flexible shaft couplings, signal towers and small geared motors, are required in most machinery.
A federal ban currently prohibits the use of cell phones on planes because they take up too much frequency on signal towers, posing a safety threat.
It notes that Bell must adhere to Health Canada and Industry Canada regulations regarding signal towers.
The SL2 Series lamps feature 360[degrees] visibility for use in a variety of stack lights and signal towers. Available in red, yellow, green, blue and white, these SL2 Series lamps are designed to provide clear and obvious indication of machine status from anywhere on a factory or office floor.
Pfannenberg has developed a new range of modular signal towers for internal and external use.
Both formats utilize signal towers that are strategically placed around the world in "honeycomb" patterns, with each tower's coverage slightly overlapping the next.
Instead it recommended that signal towers on or near school grounds should not allow the highest concentrations of radiation to fall on the property without school permission.
While transit employees working in signal towers throughout the system control the track switches, operation of the subway trains rests entirely with the train operators.
Under the plan, around 170 double-circuit signal towers were installed before November 2017.
The report has recommended re-directing mobile phone signal towers so that signals could not spread over jail.
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