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a fire set as a signal


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The UESL End Seal Signal Light Kit provides visual indication that a heat trace circuit is energized and is designed for use in Energy and commercial building & construction markets.
Until now the signal lights have served to warn drivers of approaching trains, but there has been no safety gate there.
The front turn signal lights will flash once each time the operator releases brake pedal pressure.
It was not known whether there was a problem with the brakes or the signal light was faulty, Reuters reported.
The DUDAD Driver's Wireless Audible Green Light Notification Device allows drivers to rest during this "down time" by attaching to an extension pole and leaning against the signal light while the load is being moved.
If the signal light is green and the timer is counting down approaching zero, the driver will naturally speed through the intersection to avoid waiting for the next change of lights.
Also sold was his notebook, a mugshot of Ronnie Biggs and the glove used to cover the signal light on the railway line to get the train to stop
It's the feeling you're in a quiet neighborhood, and you get a signal light instead of a stop sign,'' Mall said.
for about 30 minutes due to a signal light that remained red, the officials said, blaming a possible electronic malfunction.
The Larson Electronics EPL-TL-2X10W-C explosion proof LED traffic light provides an effective signal light solution for hazardous locations where vehicles, equipment and aircraft are routinely serviced or maintained.
A COMMUTER train driver involved in the Watford crash which killed one and injured more than 70 drove through a red signal light, say safety experts.
Product description In optical digital coherent transmission, phase-modulated signal light interferes with local light on the receiving side to demodulate it into intensity modulation.
A Burlington Northern Santa Fe freight train ran a red signal light moments before Tuesday's deadly crash with a Metrolink commuter train, but investigators stopped short of blaming human error.
The Magnalight 9200-LED-S-M suction/magnetic mount beacon is a compact and portable signal light that provides the ability to mount the unit on smooth surfaces such as glass, as well as metallic surfaces such as vehicle roofs and equipment railings.
Photo: Lunchtime traffic backs up Monday along Lyons Avenue in Newhall as road crews work on a signal light and lane project.