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the amplitude level of the desired signal

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On the signal level, both telcos were below the -85 dBm standard.
13, the maximum signal levels of the B-PMA and the B-PSA appear alternately; the maximum signal level of the B-PSA is detected near the minimum signal level of the B-PMA, and the maximum signal level of the B-PMA is detected near the minimum signal level of the B-PSA.
8 flare at 11:40 UTC resulted in strong increases in received signal levels from two Very Low Frequency (VLF) radio transmitters: St Assise in France (at a frequency of 20.
With the preamplifier, the MS2711B measures signal levels down to -115 dBm.
According to PTS the measurements it has carried out have shown that the four operators - Hi3G, Tele2, Europolitan Vodafone and Orange - now have small, operational networks with the specified signal level.
It is an established principle that IMD sideband level is a function of input signal level, which permits an easy test of spectrum analyzer behavior.
This allows a fairly constant signal level with a minimum of distortion.
The TRA issued its third quarter report on the measurement of signal level transmitted from telecommunications antennas.
Legacy Combo D connectors use size 20 contacts for signal level connections.
While there are several alternatives to dual supply devices for signal level translation, their use is limited to unidirectional high-to-low translation.
An on-board bias voltage generator caters to the multiple signal level requirements.
Integrated solenoids with a number of turns are possible (heads with forty turns are now available with a resistance of less than 8 Ohms) around a magnetic circuit, producing a signal level per track width.
Since the detected signal level is small ([less than] mV @ -30 dBm), it must be amplified to a more usable level.
The DDM functionality enables the end-user to monitor internal temperature, DC supply voltage, transmitter bias current, transmitter output power, and receive optical signal level in the performance of the XFP transceiver.