signal fire

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a fire set as a signal


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The son of Galileo defeated subsequent winner Signal Fire by ten lengths, and his trainer said yesterday: "Freemantle is probably our most likely runner in the Dante at this stage and there could be another, but that's not definite yet.
He created a big impression on his final start at two when defeating the useful Signal Fire by 10 lengths in a Tipperary maiden.
A signal fire is worth it, a toothache in your heel is, & the
A signal fire at the crash site can be spotted from the air and seen at great distances.
Snow Patrol anthem Signal Fire, already a smash hit, closes the movie.
Snow patrol: Signal Fire A band that can do no wrong.
SNOW PATROL release Signal Fire as a digital download on Monday.
Of course fire is vital for warmth and will double as a signal fire, but fire also has a calming effect on people, and calm is crucial when you become lost.
The biggest fire was started near the town of Julian when a lost hunter set off a signal fire.
The biggest fire started on Saturday near the mountain town of Julian, when a lost hunter set off a signal fire.
The so-called Cedar Fire - the largest of several ravaging Southern California - was started Saturday near the mountain town of Julian when a lost hunter set off a signal fire, authorities said.
For fire detection, most of the company's sites had been equipped with coded signal fire alarm systems that used high-voltage wiring.
Signal Fire (TT) Hadi Ebrahim Al Afoo Moh'd Hassan Alberto Sanna
We're famous for the beef stew up in New York after 9-11," Special Signal Fire Association president Paul J.
But while he's there he's constantly busy: spearing fish, diving for oysters, collecting water, erecting a shelter, building a signal fire and fashioning a raft.