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a building from which signals are sent to control the movements of railway trains


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A unique converted railway signal box on the Penistone Line in Shelley has come on the market.
Mr Wilson, 52, who is the chairman of Wooler Golf Club and who has lived in Wooler and nearby Milfield all his life, bought the signal box along with associated buildings and 17 acres of land at auction last year.
Meanwhile a spokeswoman for Network Rail denied the remotely- controlled signal box would lead to more problems.
Andrew is running the newly-opened Signal Box single-handed - and jokes that he's now looking for the world's smallest cellarman smallest cellarman.
The signal box was also there but it was being utilised as a barn.
THE actions of those who set fire to a signal box and laid sleepers across rail tracks is more than mindless vandalism.
A vintage bus will transport visitors from the town centre to the station where they will get as guided tour of the signal box as well as the station.
A spokeswoman said: "We believe it was an electrical fault with the power supply to the signal box but we're still investigating.
The crossing, in Wig, near Bangor, requires users to telephone a signal box to check if a train is approaching.
A much-maligned signal box in Birmingham has won a national award after receiving a pounds 200,000 facelift.
These can then be used to buy building material and help decorate its redundant Grade II listed signal box.
Subject of this construction project is the signal equipment for the track systems in the control range of the signal box Whm including the conversion of standing related telecommunications systems and the creation of a modular building to accommodate the new technical control facilities with a flood-secure elevation.
AN 18th century railway signal box is to enjoy a new lease of life - as a wildlife observatory.
In the early 1960s modernisation meant that the semaphore signals, which had been a common sight since the 19th century, were giving way to colour light signals controlled by the new power box at Coventry Station near the site of the old Coventry No 1 signal box by the down line at the junction of the main line and the branch line to Leamington.