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used of the language of the deaf

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The proponents of the bill also hope for HB 356 to pave the way for other television programs, not only news broadcasts, to include sign-language interpreted segments.
By matching hand movements with a database of BSL alphabet symbols, Andrew's program will allow viewers to compare sign-language movements with written text.
Moreover, a general disruption of muscle control cannot account for the poor sign-language performance of the left-brain-damaged volunteers, Hickok and his coworkers report.
Sign-language users, including the deaf and hard of hearing, family members, friends, LiNKS, and other organizations serving the needs of the deaf community, will be at the Ben H.
At Burbank High School, where each subject is held in a different classroom, students rely on a pool of sign-language interpreters to help them understand the lectures and class discussions.
The sign-language musical, directed by Jeff Calhoun, has hearing actors playing characters and supplying speaking and singing voices for other characters.
NORTHRIDGE - A sign-language reading program by volunteers from the National Center on Deafness at California State University, Northridge, drew about 25 people to its debut at the Borders bookstore in Northridge on Thursday night.
Then Hilde Ernsberger joined the church and became a volunteer sign-language interpreter for the Weydahls.
When translating into words the sign-language tantrums of her hot-tempered father, she tactfully softens their tone.
Eight Pierce College students who planned to become sign-language interpreters for the deaf will lose their shot at graduation next spring, one semester short of winning their degrees.
For many, begging on the subway or selling cards printed with the sign-language alphabet is the way to survive.
The pageant's purpose is to show the young women's ``talents as deaf individuals and develop their self-confidence,'' Jennifer Brinkley said through a sign-language interpreter.
He has sign-language interpreters who help him in class, although they are not there when he talks with his girlfriend.