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Synonyms for sign up

engage by written agreement

join a club, an activity, etc

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In the past year, 2,153 new sign ups for under-16s were logged in the city, a slight decrease on previous years.
Averaging 100 sign ups a week, the system is proving popular, with levels of satisfaction with messages sent out rising month on month.
SignUpGenius simplifies the process of coordinating events and people by providing online sign ups for nonprofits, schools, sports, churches, families, colleges, businesses and organizations.
Steady monthly income in the six figures plus new sign up of 20,000 per year.
At the launch of the campaign, this politician's team built a website that sent visitors to a "landing page" featuring a turquoise photo of him with a bright red "Sign Up" button.
New York (AirGuideBusiness - Business & Industry Features) Americans aren't waiting around to sign up their drones.
PEOPLE are being urged to be aware of the risk of flooding in their area, and to sign up to receive warnings.
But with open enrollment ending March 31, that means to meet the goal, another 1.8 million people would have to sign up by the end of the month, an average of about 60,000 a day.
THERE'S still time to sign up for a big stroll in the countryside, in memory of a young Stockton woman, who died after contracting a form of meningitis.
The organic food company is asking each school's supporters to sign up at and commit to helping kids eat more veggies.
Table 1 Differences in Personality and Task Performance Between Students Who Sign Up for Studies Later Versus Earlier in an Academic Term Characteristics of later sign-ups References Personality 1.