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someone who paints signs and billboards etc

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The old hand-painted sign reminds me that someone, not something, was behind the design and construction--the kind of sign Faythe Levine and Sam Macon advocate for in their documentary and accompanying book, Sign Painters, now screening across the country and around the world.
All this is wrapped in a cover by sign painter Michael Genovese, and not to give away an artist's process or anything, but dude PAINTED THE TEXT ON A REAL-LIFE WALL AND TOOK A PHOTO OF IT.
Before finding fame he made ends meet by working as a sign painter.
Never thought I would live in a place like this or go to a retirement home," said Hurlburt, a former sign painter who has turned to painting on canvas.
ToyTown's specialist painters and decorators whitewashed the outside of the remote two-bedroom cottage, then a sign painter swirled the name of the make-believe pub on the gable wall and faux stained glass was stuck to the downstairs windows to the interior.
Plus shoe-shine boy, spittoon washer, hoer of fields, picker of mustang grapes, carpenter's helper, well-digger's assistant, sign painter, merchant mariner, fortune-teller, radio entertainer, street singer.
In Xanadu, Bob Marley, the sign painter, draws portraits that are more real than the real, more human than human, and longs for the mother stolen from him by Idi Amin Ogwu.
O'Neill's partners in crime and eventual codefendants were Ted Richards (a 24-year-old who had been working for the underground newspaper the Berkeley Tribe), Bobby London (a 20-year-old, creator of Dirty Duck, also working for the Tribe), and Gary Hallgren (a 25-year-old psychedelic sign painter in Seattle).
Mervin's became Mervyn's when the sign painter thought that spelling looked better.
The company began ten years ago when John Andrews, a traditional Birmingham sign painter working for a big building concern was made redundant.
The printer doesn't have to spend those with the sign painter.
This was considered strange because our sign painter was a fine family man, having recently married.
Tanner says his "instant" sign shop utilizes the most modern techniques, making the freehand sign painter obsolete.
Curated by and featuring the work of local artist and sign painter, Josh Luke of Best Dressed Signs, The Pre-Vinylite Society Sign Art Show is the first of its kind on the East Coast.
20, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- One of the occupational hazards of being a sign painter is that you're so close to your work that you don't often see the mistakes you've made until you take a step back.