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engage by written agreement

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This positive decision comes just at the right time, as Sign On and its partners are currently in the process of offering this solution to Swedish public authorities and municipalities.
Under the terms of the agreement, Accenture will be a Sign On preferred integration partner in the Nordic region and will also be able to offer the FormPipe product to its European clients.
In a press release dated June 9, 2004, Sign On informed the market of an agreement it had reached concerning the acquisition of Svea Ekonomi.
The stock-market listed company, Sign On, has received a positive patentability opinion from the patent authority WIPO/PCT (World Intellectual Property Organisation / Patent Cooperation Treaty), stating that the method of secure transmission of electronically signed documents via the Internet that has been applied to be patented, is patentable.
Significant increase in revenue within Sign On Form archive.
Praesidium/Single Sign-On enables users to sign on to a local system once and gain access to authorized information resources including databases, applications and networks on PCs, UNIX system servers and mainframes without needing to remember multiple passwords.