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formally assign ownership of

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I'm employed in the public health system and my employer has given all the nurses a form asking us to sign away 10-hour breaks between shifts.
Ronaldo's mum helps bring up Cristiano Jnr after he paid the boy's unnamed mother pounds 10million to sign away her parental rights.
If the clubs don't want Premier League matches at times inconvenient for fans, don't sign away all rights to TV firms.
Today, she will sign away Katy Crighton, who is marrying partner Gary Moyes exactly 30 years after Molly, a gran of 10, completed Katy's birth certificate.
Finalists had to sign away their image rights, so while they appear in videos and online ads for Sainsbury's, L'Oreal and Very.
John davison is in effect leasing snooker from the players for the next 15 years - we are not being asked to sign away everything.
NOT only a pounds 20,000 death duty, but pensioners will be forced to sign away their homes for soaring council tax bills.
We need more information before we sign away the right to school.
The decision will be a blow for North-east Labour MEP Stephen Hughes who had been a leading campaigner against the opt out - first secured by the Tories in 1993 - which means UK employers are legally entitled to ask staff to sign away their right to a maximum 48-hour week.
Olmert can sign away Israel=92s security and sovereignty on the Golan, in Judea, Samaria, Gaza and Jerusalem.
THE controversial EU Reform Treaty came under renewed attack today from senior MPs concerned that Gordon Brown is set to sign away crucial powers to Brussels.
Under a clause included in letters of redress sent by the mutual, claimants have been asked to sign away any right they have to discuss the settlement or even tell others of its existence if they are to receive compensation.
NEW JERSEY--In a case involving a 12-year-old skateboarder's broken leg, the state Supreme Court has been asked to decide whether parents can sign away their children's rights to sue.
Officer Montecino responded, 'Give me the sign,' and snatched the sign away from me while still encasing my arms," Frazier wrote.
The burden on survivors is immense, for, in the proposed process, they were asked to sign away their rights to counter-sue or continue litigation in reference to culture and language.