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formally assign ownership of

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But in order to receive the compensation, the complainant would have had to sign away his right to inform other people of the offer.
Indeed, it is difficult to know what he would have made of seeing The Lord of the Rings on celluloid, although he did sign away the movie rights to the film in 1969 for pounds 10,000.
They're saying either sign away your rights or you're getting kicked out.
These regulations effectively require citizens to sign away their right to be free from otherwise unlawful police searches in exchange for the opportunity to buy beer in quantity, which is, remember .
Now, if only the public would be as supportive of gay marriage and the rights it would bestow on gay parents, In order to protect their joint custody of daughter Bailey and son Beckett, Cypher and Etheridge had to get Crosby to sign away his paternal rights, Cypher to sign away half her maternal rights, and Etheridge to adopt each child.
Till then, she had resisted because of the Department's pressure on Aborigines to `become exempt from the Act' (in other words to sign away their Aboriginality and join European society).
Unsuspecting homeowners sometimes sign away their homes without knowing it.
After the Order was entered, H&R Block made direct contact with Texans who were members of the class action, attempted to have those customers sign away their rights under the class action, failed to tell those customers of the existence of the certified class action (notice had yet to be sent to the customers and so only H&R Block knew of its existence) and then used the signed arbitration agreements to insist the customers be Ordered out of the class action lawsuit.
Responding to suggestions that celebrities signed away their right to privacy in return for fame, she replied: "When I was 12 there was no deal, nothing to say I had to sign away some of my human rights if I wanted to do something I am good at.
Finalists had to sign away their image rights, so while they appear in videos and online ads for Sainsbury's, L'Oreal and Very.
Argentinian strike star Tevez moved to rivals Manchester City last summer in a deal claimed by some sources to be pounds 47 million - way above the pounds 25 million his owner Kia Joorabchian was originally demanding to sign away his rights to the South American.
He, therefore, does not have the democratic mandate to sign away the people's rights under the European Union's Lisbon Treaty.
This in itself should be considered criminal, but some individuals are even asking homeowners to sign away their rights to any future litigation or liability by having this sheetrock removed and replaced.
The decision will be a blow for North-east Labour MEP Stephen Hughes who had been a leading campaigner against the opt out - first secured by the Tories in 1993 - which means UK employers are legally entitled to ask staff to sign away their right to a maximum 48-hour week.
One would have thought they could look like a gargoyle as long as they were honest, had backbone, put their country first and were not of the calibre to sign away their country in the hope of a better job.