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of or relating to the sigmoid flexure in the large intestine


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Puede ser representado a traves de los segmentos formados al asignar un valor de unos determinados indices a la funcion de pertenencia (triangular, trapezoidal, gausiana, generalizada de Bell, sigmoidal, gamma, entre otras).
The equation of the sigmoidal regression model constructed using Sigma Plot version 10.
A Equacao 2 representa a curva sigmoidal (Figura 3) obtida a partir de dados experimentais para o aco processado via ARB e recozido a 600[grados]C:
ANOVA results and parameter estimates for sigmoidal, density- dependent regression model of L.
The results from the present study indicate that at pH >5, Cu sorption desorption did not follow the typical sigmoidal pH-dependency whereby the extent of sorption increases with increasing pH.
The in vitro dose-response activation curves obtained with the stable cell lines were fitted using the sigmoidal fit {y = [a.
mid]) of the sigmoidal response curve of survival vs temperature.
Since sigmoidal transfer functions were chosen for the middle layers and a linear transfer function was used in the output layer, the training examples were normalized to have proper values to work with these transfer functions.
1) When the log abundance of a bird species at a census site is plotted against the order of the site, ranked by abundance, the resulting curve is decreasing with a broad, flat shoulder (a sigmoidal curve rotated clockwise 90 [degrees]).
The dose response curve has a typical sigmoidal shape, again indicating the involvement of a physiological gravireceptor in contrast to a passive orientation in the water column.
This complex vein system comprises a series of quartz fissure fillings, sub-parallel veins, anastamosing vein splits, silicified wall rock, wall rock breccias, and sigmoidal veins linking sub-parallel veins.
2011) verificaram que as isotermas apresentaram comportamento sigmoidal e recomendaram o modelo de Oswin Modificado para representar o fenomeno.
Relevant activation functions like sigmoidal can be chosen / parameterized.
A analise de regressao foi realizada ajustando-se os dados a equacao de regressao sigmoidal do tipo logistico, conforme segue: