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of or relating to the sigmoid flexure in the large intestine


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In fact, if you can look at pure raw fluorescence versus cycle data (and on most systems, there are ways to do this), the data won't look very much like our nice sigmoidal curve.
The difference between these models is the inflection point; although the Gompertz growth model describes an asymmetrical sigmoidal curve, the logistic model describes a symmetrical sigmoidal curve.
IL-2 and CD25 response to the inhibition of NFAT1 expression in PBMC nuclei followed an allosteric sigmoidal model, which is consistent with tight signal translation along the calcineurin pathway.
These results strongly suggest that the mechanism of dehydration and decomposition processes of oligo(4-hdroxyquinoline) are a sigmoidal [A.
Currently, it is known that spore production in monoxenic cultures of AMF follows a sigmoidal dynamic, composed of the three classical stages (lag, log and stationary) of development (DECLERCK et al.
Using electrochemical corrosion measurements with solid wood as the electrolyte, Short and Dennis (1997) characterized the transition in corrosion rates as a function of moisture content and found the data had a sigmoidal shape.
In Meliaceae, Nymania is monosymmetric in androecium and gynoecium, with sigmoidal curvature (Harms, 1940).
The first category of substances can be subdivided into two subgroups: a) compounds producing statistically and toxicologically robust concentration-response trends supported by multiple data points in different regions of each profile (see "Stage 1: Test for robust concentration-response," below), and b) compounds that may fit sigmoidal curves better than flat lines in a mathematical or statistical sense but are comparatively nonrobust by toxicological standards (e.
First, a scatter plot is pivotal when Pearson's or Spearman's correlation coefficient is used because it allows us to visualise whether the relationship between the two variables is linear, bimodal U shape, sigmoidal or quadratic2.
On the operating table, flexible sigmoidoscopy confirmed the diagnosis of intussusception due to a sigmoidal tumour (Fig.
Given the availability of various activation functions, such as linear, hyperbolic tangent and logistic, we used the most preferred the logistic sigmoidal function f (x) = 1/1 + [[e.
In order to estimate consumption for 2007 to 2010, the softwood lumber, softwood plywood, and OSB data were converted into consumption on a square meter of single family home constructed basis and fitted with sigmoidal curves (Carrillo and Gonzalez 2002).
The parameter [lambda] is in those studies found by using an LMS-type adaptive scheme and computing the sigmoidal function of the result.