sigmoid sinus

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an S-shaped dural sinus on the temporal and occipital bones

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Digital subtraction angiography revealed occlusion of superior sagittal sinus, right transverse sinus, and sigmoid sinus.
This supposed mechanism is compatible with the operative findings, as marked venous oozing from the temporal base close to the sigmoid sinus was noted.
Association of Bezold's abscess and sigmoid sinus thrombosis.
Patient selection should include the presence of a codominant sigmoid sinus to avoid elevated postoperative intracranial pressure.
Demographic properties of the subjects Number Age Gender Complaint Neurologic 1 15 F Diplopia Papilledema 2 9 M Headache, Papilledema vomiting, fever 3 7 M Diplopia, 6th nerve palsy, blurred vision Papilledema 4 17 M Clouding of Lethargia, consciousness, Aphasia, aphasia obscure hemiparesis 5 16 F Headache Papilledema strabismus 6th nerve palsy 6 5 F Diplopia Papilledema 7 2 M Seizure Spasticity 8 9 F Headache Normal 9 14 M Headache, Papilledema dizziness 10 17 M Headache, Papiledema blurred vision 11 16 M Headache Papilledema Number Localization Parenchymal Etiology examination finding 1 Transverse sinus Absent Protein C and S deficiency 2 Sigmoid sinus Absent Mastoiditis, Meningitis, Homozygous MTFHRA 1298 C mts 3 Sigmoid Absent Mastoiditis sinus 4 Cortical veins Venous [B.
The posterior condylar canal opens at the groove for sigmoid sinus, posterolateral to the jugular foramen in the posterior cranial fossa.
While on treatment, after 3 days, the patient again started complaining of diplopia and headache and so keeping in mind the picture of CVT, Magnetic resonance venogram (Figure 1) was done which was suggestive of CVT in right sigmoid sinus and right-sided internal jugular vein.
Obliteration of the sigmoid sinus was required to resect the tumour safely.
Background: During craniotomies using the transpetrosal-presigmoid approach, exposure of the sigmoid sinus remains an essential but hazardous step.
Radiological signs indicating cholesteatoma in the attic included erosion or destruction of scutum or spur (the lateral wall of the attic), widening of the aditus ad antrum (loss of figure of "8" appearance) , antral wall erosions and widening , ossicular erosions and destruction , medial attic wall erosion which may lead to facial nerve canal involvement, which may cause paresis or paralysis , erosion of the lateral semicircular canal which may result into fistula formation (Figure 1), dehiscence of tegmen tympani , dehiscence of sigmoid sinus plate, erosion of the external auditory canal (EAC), and automastoidectomy.
He rapidly progressed to meningitis, with sigmoid sinus thrombosis and sepsis, within 24 hours of arrival at the Transplant Intensive Care Unit, and high-resolution CT scan of the temporal bone was undertaken (Figure 1).
All patients received intravenous antibiotics and underwent mastoidectomy with unroofing of the sigmoid sinus and placement of a tympanostomy tube.
This patient presented with pulsatile tinnitus and the abnormality was discovered by the radiologist but not recognized as a sigmoid sinus diverticulum, a potential cause of objective pulsatile tinnitus.
The exact anatomical location of the disease process, erosion of the bony boundaries of the middle ear, the status of the ossicular chain, tegmen tympani, sigmoid sinus plate and lateral semicircular canals can be well visualized.
Digital subtraction angiography (DSA) venous phase also revealed 50% stenosis of transverse sinus, 50% stenosis of left proximal sigmoid sinus and 90% stenosis of its distal part leading to obstruction of left transverse sinus outflow and forced directed drainage of left hemisphere to the anterior region.