sigmoid colon

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the s-shaped curve between the descending colon and the rectum

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Colonoscopy shows diffuse erosion and multiple shallow ulcers (a) in sigmoid colon and (b) rectum.
Thus, the diameter of the sigmoid colon was brought closer to the normal size.
The main predisposing factors are a long sigmoid colon and prolonged mesocolon (3).
Abdominal computed tomography scan revealed circumferential wall thickening of sigmoid colon adherent to the bladder presenting as a suspected colonic malignancy.
Abdominal computed tomography was performed after a bolus administration of intravenous contrast material, and sigmoid colon position anomalies and diverticulitis were observed.
A laparoscopic resection of the mass that involved the sigmoid colon and a part of the bladder was performed, and the suspected diagnosis of diverticulitis was confirmed.
Deep abdominal palpation revealed sensitivity in the left flank, irradiating towards the hypogastric region and sigmoid colon.
2) The sigmoid colon, caecum, rectum and ascending colon are the most commonly involved colonic segments.
The empty loops of the ileum and distal jejunum twist and rotate around the base of the narrow sigmoid colon.
Four days after surgery, the patient received a diagnosis of peritonitis and sepsis due to spillage from the sigmoid colon.
Approximately 57% of these are located in the sigmoid colon and 26% in the cecum.
Sigmoid volvulus, defined as an abnormal twisting of the sigmoid colon around its mesentery, is an age old disease condition.
Solid organs were in normal limits in USG, but a significantly increased echogenicity was noted in the pericolic fat tissue adjacent to the sigmoid colon surrounded by a hypoechoic border, which was suspicious for sigmoid diverticulitis (Figure 1).