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the 18th letter of the Greek alphabet

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Unlike other quality initiatives utilised by the healthcare sector like TQM six sigma is different, because it provides sustained strategic achievements with long-lasting benefits.
A sigma value indicates the frequency of defects occurring in a process.
According to a study done by Usha S et al revealed that sigma values < 3 for Urea, ALT, BD, BT, Ca, creatinine (L1) and urea, AST and BD (L2).
Similar findings in our study for < 3 sigma values of ALT and creatinine level one support their conclusion regarding implementation of ideal analytical methodologies for these analytes.
Lakshman M et al found that sigma metrics of Triglycerides, Lactate, Uric acid, AST, Urea, Creatine kinase (CK), Phosphate, Total Bilirubin are the best performers and the sigma value was more than 6.0 in both normal and abnormal levels, [7] whereas we found triglyceride and ALP being the best performer.
* Unlike ISO 9000 implementation, there are no formal six sigma standards or certifying institutions.
Motorola researchers defined a series of steps for implementing a six sigma methodology for analyzing and improving business performance.
These "DMAIC" structured protocols are needed to achieve the goals of a six sigma program.
Stratifying this data allows the six sigma team to factually understand the existing process conditions and problems and create a detailed problem statement.
R&D scientists and engineers are very appropriate individuals to be members of the six sigma team and even "champions." Their ability to generate large numbers of experiments and understand details of the overall process makes them invaluable.
If a design can accept a [+ or -] six sigma variation of the process, i.e.
Motorola's worldwide benchmarking in 1986 found that the best-in-class companies had six sigma quality, while Motorola had only four sigma quality.
Number of defects per million opportunities Associated sigma level
66,810 3.0 22,750 3.5 6,210 4.0 1,350 4.5 233 5.0 32 5.5 3.4 6.0 Adapting six sigma to customer satisfaction: a case study
This means that it is even more difficult to reach a level of six sigma in the customer satisfaction arena.