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the 18th letter of the Greek alphabet

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We're getting tremendous payback because of Lean Six Sigma.
Motorola executives soon turned their attention toward quality improvement and, in 1986, launched its Six Sigma Quality program, a highly successful method of improving products and services.
The new classes cover in-depth, analytical knowledge based tools, and robust design methods and techniques for teams supporting Product Development Design for Six Sigma (DFSS), Integrated Supply Chain, Business Operations (Information Technology, Finance, Human Resources, etc.
Six Sigma projects need to be tied to high-level goals and objectives of the organization.
Six Sigma companies such as GE (US$2 billion annually), Texas Instruments (US$600 million), Johnson & Johnson (US$500 million) and Honeywell (US$1.
For multinationals, one of the tremendous added values from Six Sigma is the ability for everyone to speak the same language," says S.
Many people mistakenly view Six Sigma as simply a tool or management fad.
CIENA's Multiwave CoreDirector and Multiwave CoreDirector CI intelligent optical core switches enable Sigma Networks to deliver a uniquely flexible and cost effective offering of switched, channelized SONET Services in a metro network.
Wendt, who has held his posts at Conseco since June 2000, learned the value of Six Sigma when he headed GE Capital Services, his previous employer and a subsidiary of General Electric.
5 million for Sigma, but after the lease expires, Sigma will own the equipment.
Industry estimates show Sigma's SMP8634 chip is in about 75% of the IPTV set-top boxes worldwide, more than any other semiconductor offered to the industry, making Sigma a true pioneer in leading global IPTV services.
Lean Six Sigma combines the practices of Lean production techniques and Six Sigma quality control.
com) has teamed with three other leading Six Sigma software providers and the International Society of Six Sigma Professionals (ISSSP) to offer the Six Sigma Software Showcase Tour.
Six of the top consumer electronics manufacturers have chosen Sigma media processors to power their new Blu-ray players.
Digital Media Extender Products Across the CES 2007 Show Floor Powered by Sigma