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Synonyms for sightly

Synonyms for sightly

very pleasing to the eye

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Hypopygium small, slightly shorter than tip of metasoma, sightly acute at tip; ovipositor sheath approximately as long as second hind tarsus.
Britney, according to The Sun, has used it to remove some of her less sightly adipose accumulations and restore herself to something like the shape she possessed in the 1990s.
Dry-to-touch times are sightly below the tolerance limit; however, observed drying at [LAMBDA] > 1 is deceiving due to poor wetting.
R L Leg traction Leg straight; no Leg flexes sightly Grasp ankle and slowly resistance felt or with some pull leg upwards.
Otherwise, Amor influenced the German language only sightly, for example by 'Amorette'n (in English amoretti), more frequently called 'Putten', derived from Latin 'putus (little boy).
In an age of prodigy houses, Wembury seems to have held its own, and Risdon described it as 'equalling if not excelling all other in these western parts for uniform building, a sightly seat for shew, for receipt spacious; for cost sumptuous; for sight, salubrious; near the sea, upon an advanced ground, whereby all houses of office are under it; having a delightful prospect both to sea and land.
Recent implementations The ERP system becomes The company becomes driven by year-2000 routine and an dependent on the issues and quick-fix up-to-date sightly ERP supplier.
Rugby players are rugby players and the ones I coach now just have sightly longer hair,'' he says.
Close to the end of my third trimester, my blood pressure was sightly elevated.
1-ounce) Baby Ruth candy bars (OR other favorite candy bars), finely chopped 1 cup miniature marshmallows Hot fudge OR chocolate topping, in a jar OR homemade, heated sightly in microwave, if necessary, for drizzling
At PaceWildenstein's thorough and sightly exhibition, many small-sized works could be seen alongside the larger sculptures.
which could be seen either as sightly absurd, or as a symbol of miracles and therefore another allusion to his interest in mysticism.
Whitwam added that the rate of increases has moderated of late and expectations were costs would be up only sightly in 1996.
However, servicing fees probably continued their current downward trend and declined sightly.
What they leave behind will no doubt include yard wastes - but also less biodegradable and less sightly garbage.