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Synonyms for sightlessness

the condition of not being able to see


Synonyms for sightlessness

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Nor that such healing, unmarked by any of the ambivalence or sightlessness of Saramago's novel, takes place in the warm light of a new day.
48) This short-term sightlessness must have had a profound effect on the initiate's psyche, who sat there blind, helpless, and frightened, surrendered to the hands of his [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII].
When January lay awake at night, in his love-blindness then "he purtreyed in his herte and in his thoght" (1600) a catalogue of May's imagined attributes, a vision that did not pierce past the sightlessness of his eyes in the dark, confined instead to an authoritative production and consumption within his own body.
If that lance came in and struck in that visor area, and the lance could go through, you would be another King Henry II of France," Adams explains (at least I think that's who it is -- can't really see) as I'm getting used to this near sightlessness.
This sightlessness is the lot of all who participate in war, including the private soldier who responds with blind obedience, and of those who send him into battle, although Yizhar's darts are really thrown at the high ranking generals, the war's organisers.
The team, apart from the goalkeeper, have varying degrees of sightlessness and wear blindfolds when they play to make the competition totally fair as some can see partial light and shade.
These key characteristics are linked to the conjoining of two important factors: the phenomenon of limited sight or sightlessness and the complexity of a particular space within an urban environment.
The speaker has dozed off, and in that moment of sightlessness, terror struck; this terror, we may note, strikes as the speaker can hear but not see.
The expression "their heavy shadows" suggests the incursion of these people's sightlessness into the outer world.
His hands were tied behind his neck, his back propping up a tree, his eyes staring with the sightlessness that came with death.
But I didn't lose hope and never let my sightlessness impede my progress," Kumar says.
Alienating in his shrill class contempt, offensive in his whining genteel insistence on the insulting insufficiency of the wealth bequeathed him, comically hapless in his deictic sightlessness, he yet echoes the language of underclass resentment, and embodies the exciting spirit of active resistance: that cocktail of ideological contrarieties can become almost a Molotov cocktail.
In Atalanta man desires death insofar as it is not the blindness known in life, but a sightlessness, a removal from the agonies to which we are forced to bear witness.
As you walk into that vast, open-ended container of sightlessness, all your senses go weird; people sort of loom or gleam up at you out of the darkness.
And Homer Collyer, who tells the story, proves to be a pallid and unengaging narrator, occasionally original in his accounts of his compensation for sightlessness, moderately moving in his love for his brother but finally leaving this 200-page novel less gripping than the Wikipedia pages from which my Collyer facts derive.