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Synonyms for sightless

without the sense of sight

Synonyms for sightless

lacking sight

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The distance shot of the burning castle, with the armies formally arrayed before it parting silently like the Red Sea as Hidetora walks sightlessly through and out the huge gate that closes behind him, underlines not magnificent will and defiance but a separation and isolation that threaten his very humanity.
The Stari grad Agency has three new major projects on the stocks, symbolically, one for each of the religious groups: they include the Orthodox (Serb) Metropolitan's Palace, the nineteenth-century Baroque shell of which now stares sightlessly over the valley.
Moments later the girl was gazing sightlessly at the ceiling, her headphones on the floor with music still crackling out of them.
The organist in black pumped on the pedals with legs veined and muscled by cycling the Clwydian hills and he tossed back his head in rapture, while his fingers pressed sightlessly over the keys, treating us all to his repertoire of popular classics.
Sometimes, her dream-driven fingers flutter sightlessly through the air, lighting upon my face like a delicate winged thing that has found rest.
Out of a refrigerator, Meyer examines a tray where several replicated faces of Kirsten Dunst - the future Mary Jane Watson of ``Spider-Man'' - peer sightlessly upward.
Angelica no longer inhabits her body, and thus has no place in the world: 'It was despair that she groped through sightlessly, in a vacuum everlasting and black' (CS, p.
He had a brain tumour and could see nothing, but his eyes were staring sightlessly up at her.