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normal use of the faculty of vision

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Recently, Simonton (2011a, 2012a, 2012b, 2012c) has endeavored to resolve this matter by providing mathematical definitions of both creativity and sightedness, where both are treated as continuous variables describing generated ideas.
In Britain there are five million people living with short sightedness, of which 200,000 of have a severe form.
Carmen Puliafito announced that he would provide free eye exams, lenses, or vision correction surgery to any big league umpires who came to see him about their near sightedness. According to published reports, a couple of umpires actually acknowledged botching calls during the series, but none had availed themselves of the offer by the time we went to press.
London, August 18 ( ANI ): Excessive smartphone use has led kids, as young as seven, to have risks of 'screen sightedness,' a new study has revealed.
Lens replacement surgery is also an alternative treatment to laser eye surgery, particularly for high refractive errors such as extreme near sightedness and extreme far sightedness.
Then, there was laser eye surgery; an innovative treatment for correcting short and long sightedness. But none of these compare to a revolutionary new treatment called 'No Specs' eye surgery.
A revolutionary new eye operation which cures long and short sightedness together is now being used in Cardiff.
The public are suffering because of the wretched feuding between Gordon Brown and John Reid and put at risk by their short sightedness.
The growing shortage of irrigation water is also going to be a major challenge in coming years and the country may perhaps pay a price for this short sightedness.
That's why, once we hit 40, God gave us short sightedness. .
I saw my optician only six weeks ago, who pronounced my short sightedness unchanged, and everything healthy, so I am wary of going back to him with these new symptoms.
The 57-year-old star (pictured) underwent the operation to cure her short- sightedness at a clinic in the United States.
Other studies have suggested that children spending too much time focusing closely on TVs, computer screens, mobile phones and books is the chief cause of short sightedness.
It will cost pounds 1250 per eye to have short sightedness eliminated in a 20-minute visit under the latest methods to be introduced by Boots.
He added: "The lens may reduce short sightedness in the short term but there is no guarantee that it will be reduced to a stable level.