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a joke whose effect is achieved by visual means rather than by speech (as in a movie)


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So, you can be hissing the villain one moment and busting a gut five seconds later over a sight gag and not feel that you've been improperly yanked between opposing genres.
Beyond the Tati--esque sight gags, the deadpan reactions, the quirky dialogue and the funny details like one villager's array of goony--looking hats, you genuinely empathize with these characters.
Cut to a montage of the disgruntled former employee cabbing to the airport, grabbing an AirTran Airways flight and bursting into the convention to express his emotions with a broad physical sight gag.
On his second marriage and fourth kid, he gets though a baby-heavy first half hour and while a segment on rocking his little smasher to sleep fell flat, it followed a brilliant sight gag on why experience as a scrum half is best kept out of the delivery room.
A wink-wink sight gag recalls 007's penchant for shaken-not-stirred martinis.
Each sight gag is funny, but, of course, some are no more than one-liners--a baldheaded Mr.
The play was well over an hour old before I even smiled - and that was at an Alan B'Stard-style sight gag, not the lumpen and meandering dialogue.
This production, which owes much to the turgid influence of Soldier Soldier and Michael Bogdanov, pays little attention to the language and much more to the next frenzied sight gag.
After a promising start, the film sags badly in the middle, but it's worth staying with for a fantastic sight gag near the end.
While jokes like Nazi goose-stepping and using the word "gracias" to say thank you in French will keep you tight-lipped, there are some laughs, especially the climax and cross-dressing with a very funny sight gag involving a security pass.
There is one funny sight gag when Dr Who meets Little Britain, but having set up the joke they don't take it anywhere.
PETER Kay came up with the sight gag of the year on his wonderful Phoenix Nights.
Producer Jonathan Pope (Ben Miller) is appalled at the lack of interest in the whip-round for his birthday, there's a scathing dig at Casualty and a very funny sight gag at the expense of Ross Kemp.
Colin Farrell (``The Recruit'') appeared in a taped message with a sight gag that is best left a surprise, Andy Garcia (``The Godfather Part III'') read a letter that began ``Dear Uncle Michael'' and graciously offered to whack anybody in the room who had disrespected the don, and Charlize Theron recalled Pacino staying on set in the wee hours just for her benefit during a scene in ``The Devil's Advocate.
These "bad" paintings range wildly in style from serene landscape (Ponza Agave, 1975) to parodically garish abstraction (Space Age Pattern Painting, 1980) to vulgar sight gag (Bread and Buttocks, 1979-80).